How Technology Helped to Combat During Covid-19

Technology has completely changed our living style, So nowadays everyone prefers to use technology


Saurabh Thakur

3 years ago | 1 min read

The past few months were not good for most of the businesses due to the entire lockdown situation. Many startups have failed to survive their business due to this pandemic situation.

But a few industries witnessed a boom with the help of technology.

We all know Covid-19 came from China, and right now it spread almost the entire world. Due to Covid-19 (The current pandemic situations), many offline businesses have shifted to online, where the existing majority of customers.

The customers’ buying behavior has changed because they have no more options for offline businesses. Customers were staying home; they depend on technologies to fulfill their daily needs.

Here I have mentioned the name of a few businesses that are booming due to the support of technologies.


According to a survey shared by Toppr (online learning platform), they say 100% growth in paid users every month & 50% growth in traffic during the COVID pandemic.

Due to the entire lockdown, all schools, colleges, institutions were shut down at that time technology filled the gap between teacher & student. That time Schools, teachers, students & other professionals switched to online and that created the new concept of education from home. Many online e-learning platforms helped people to schedule online classes for them.

Online grocery delivery

Technology helped many businesses to shift their offline business online so that they could sell their products directly to customers. As customers were staying home during lockdown time, and online grocery delivery platform helped businesses or people to deliver the daily need product at their doorstep.

Digital Conferencing

Technology helped business owners to conduct the digital conferencing between team members. It filled the gap between the office team members or clients.

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