How To Tell Someone Love You Beyond Words

Someone can tell you they love you just to convince you enough to get what they want from you. But as soon as you run out of giving them whatever they are getting from you, it may be the last time you will hear those words from them.


Joshua Idegbere

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True love is beyond the words, ‘’ I love you’’

I love you beyond words

It is important a loved one tells you they love you. Those words carry some effects that can brighten your emotional well-being.

I still remember how I felt the day a friend told me those words. It was actually the first time someone ever told me. It filled my heart with joy.

I was so filled that I couldn't eat. I felt loved. For the first time, I knew I was someone good enough to be loved. And till today, that was one of the best moments of my life.

But you shouldn't confuse those words with true love. I didn't know this until much later.

Those words could be an emotional trap.

Someone can tell you they love you just to convince you enough to get what they want from you. But as soon as you run out of giving them whatever they are getting from you, it may be the last time you will hear those words from them.

And you'll end up being an emotional victim of their superficial love and affection.

It can be a very painful life experience.

And I trust you don't want to fall victim to it.

That said, how can you tell that someone loves you beyond words?

Here are some of the best answers I have found:

1. They stand by you even in your worst

You can't truly tell where someone stands in your life when everything in your life is ok. You shouldn't. The reason is that some people can be deceptive.

As far as things are going smoothly for you, they can pretend to be cool with you and even loyal. Anyone can do that.

But not everyone can stand you in your worst state. Those who can, even without the hope that things will get better for you, are the ones that love you beyond words.

Let's say you lose your job today and have to depend on others for survival. Will the person telling you " I love you" still stand by you?

If we really imagine ourselves in the worst state scenarios, we can identify the persons that will stand by us and those that won't.

The people who can stand by you are the ones who truly love you. For me, those people include my family and about four friends of mine. They have proven it over and again. For that reason, I don't take our relationship for granted.


You need to know yours so you don't end up investing so heavily on the wrong relationships.


2. They make compromises for you

If you're in a relationship with someone for, let's say, two to three years, but you can't identify them helping you with something, that is not someone who loves you beyond words.

True love is not in words; true love is practical.

Being practical in love is as essential as being in love itself; it plays a very crucial role.

This practicality will enable a person to have a rational and logical perspective of his or her love life and also help in making wise choices for themselves, says Quendrith Johnson, Writer, Screenwriter, Creator & Founder.

When someone loves you, they don't just say it; they will demonstrate it. They will go out of their way to do stuff for you.

And the truth is they don't do these things for what they hope to gain from you. They do because they see you as an extension of themselves. They can't bear to see you struggle when they know they can help. They want to see you happy, fulfilled, and accomplished in life.

One of the ways to demonstrate true love is through acts of service.

Examples of acts of service

  • Prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner if your partner is usually the cook.
  • Clean your partner’s car before they wake up.
  • Take the kids and leave your partner to relax with no responsibilities for a few hours.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Pick up their mail.

Look out for acts of service in your prospective partner.


Because when the emotional phase of love fades, practicality in showing love will renew it and keep your relationship going.

3. You both live life like an open book to each other

What does it mean to live life like an open book?

Nathanael Garrett Novosel, the author of The Meaning of Life, gives an excellent answer:

It means that you are open and honest. It means both because:

  • Honesty means you tell the truth. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you divulge everything (e.g., your deepest secret, your favorite sexual position).
  • Openness means that you’ll reveal things that many people would prefer to keep private. You could be open but grossly exaggerate, though, so it’s not exactly the same thing as honesty.

So “my life is an open book” means that you’re both: that you’re honest in your communications about yourself, and that you’re open about things that others may be reserved about."

From experience, when someone loves you, they will open up to you about their intentions. They will tell you a project they are working on, a life challenge they are facing, an issue in their lives. They won't leave you in the dark in the important areas of their lives. And vice versa.

This is what builds trust in relationships: transparency.

It is a sign that someone truly loves you beyond words.

In your relationship, look out for these signs and hold on to the people with these traits. They make the best life partner and friends and colleagues.

Trust me.

Thanks for your time.


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