How during this COVID-19 pandemic, THE SEEKERS, INC is providing jobs in several companies?

Community-based provision of jobs are now a thing, and The Seekers INC is using it effectively during this pandemic


Shruti Kaushik

2 years ago | 3 min read

The COVID-19 has changed the world--It has killed millions of people, butchered economies, derailed the whole dynamics of businesses, and above all, instilled an everlasting trauma amongst masses.

But thinking from a damage standpoint, after healthcare, employment demographics have taken a huge dip. Millions of people are out of jobs, cash flow is shredded by big numbers and industries have no option other than to enforce recession.

From what it seems, we are living an apocalyptic documentary movie. But during these times, there are people and companies that are working to restore the balance in the economy. The Seekers INC is one such organization that is working through all clock hours, to ensure freshers and professionals meet their right employer. How? Through a community-driven network run only through referrals and authentic resources.

But what is The Seekers INC, doing, that Naukri and Linkedin aren’t doing already?

It’s true that Linkedin is a powerhouse social network, but within the last 18 months, and especially during the COVID period, a lot of fake profiles, and saturation of database has been reported. Here are the active issues-

  1. Repetitive job postings
  2. Unresponsive recruiters
  3. Overflow of applications
  4. Fake consultants seeking commercial benefits in exchange for jobs
  5. Unverified job listings from fraudulent startups

It’s a fact that Linkedin has been looked upon for great results, but with this digital inflation, these results are delayed and most certainly unvalidated. On the other hand, portals like Naukri has now been a source for only recruitments agencies who seek money from young aspirants.

Adding to these frustrations of any employment seekers, COVID-19 has changed the whole dynamics of employments and has registered a long term impact on freshers, and professionals.

It is now quite evident that jobs, that don’t add value to businesses will perish. And as a matter of fact, the gig economy will see mainstream adoption. Let’s have a look at the changes that COVID will bring-

  1. Fresh graduates will now be expected to come prepared and learn by themselves
  2. Fitment will control qualifications--HRs will now have a renewed focus to hire people with the right attitude who are active self-learners themselves.
  3. E-learning and reskilling based programs will be more advertised, meaning remote-based opportunities will increase further unleashing a whole new scope of employments for young aspirants.
  4. Job accountability will increase, which means that salary correctness will be a highlight until a few months into 2021.

Consequently, options will now be limited, and which is where exactly this young startup, The Seekers INC are working. The Seekers INC. is a recruitment consulting firm that functions as a social market place for young aspirants who are looking for opportunities especially in the management area.

How The Seekers INC is helping millions with jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic?--A Statistical Glory

Job Placements--Students or young aspirants from The Seekers INC association has found employments in companies like Aliens Group, ICICI Prudential, Tech Mahindra, United Breweries, PhonePe, Mindtree, White Hat Jr, BYJU’S, FTV, Delhivery.

Internships- 358 students are at present doing a summer internship in Tata Steel. All thanks to The Seekers INC.

Statistics based results--The Seekers INC, based on community-based sensibilities rely only on statistics. They practice what they preach. So far they have forged around 700+ success stories in a year and have been successful in sourcing opportunities from multinational companies all on the basis of a community-driven network.

Whatsapp based initiative- In totality, there are approximately 80,000+ active members in around 250+ WhatsApp groups created by The Seekers INC based on different demographics.

Linkedin Groups--A little shy than WhatsApp group, The Seekers INC, LinkedIn Group has around 31,000+ members and they are growing like wildfire with an addition of 50 new members every day.

The team behind The Seekers INC- Shashwat Mittra, Founder of The Seekers INC, flagged off the initiate in April 2019. His consistent dedication and vision to help bury the disconnect between job seekers and employers played an important role in the company’s success.

Other core members of The Seekers Inc include- Roopam Gautam, Vishal Anand, Vasudha Kataria and Sumit Aggarwal. Roopam heads the Candidate Sourcing. Vishal heads the Opportunities sourcing, Sumit heads the Profile Assessment, and Vasudha Kataria works along with Shashwat for the Corporate Relations.

How much time does it take for The Seekers INC to close a certain position? -ONLY 96 HOURS

“We aim at simplifying the hiring process in Organizations through our innovative hiring strategy. Currently, our team caters to an active talent pool of 80,000+ MBA graduates to guide them with opportunities that suit their profile.”-- Shashwat Mittra (Founder-The Seekers INC)

Final Words- The Seekers Inc offers a subscription model for the job seekers which is pocket friendly and closely works with the organisations to close the open positions. Knowing that the present industrial status is dominated by the way COVID-19 is spreading and behaving, it is very important for every young aspirant to find a job. And The Seekers INCis doing a pretty great job at it. Connect with them for more information.


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