Thematic Tech Investing for the 2020s

I think the best way to invest in the 2020s is to follow some proven principles that we all know suc


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I think the best way to invest in the 2020s is to follow some proven principles that we all know such as long-term value investing and diversifying. But focusing on certain thematic and macro themes that will shape the 2020s using a mix of intuition and data is the best bet.

The themes that I have in mind for the 2020s include:

  1. Health and Wellness To Counter Rising Burnout—

50% of Americans are already experiencing symptoms of burnout and a Deloitte Survey shows that 84% of Millennials are experiencing workplace burnout. It is estimated that mental illness will cost the world economy $16 Trillion by 2030 according to WEF.

  • Because Burnout is on the rise, that means that health and wellness markets will only grow from meditation apps such as Headspace, Nootropics (Supplements or Smart Drugs) Markets, Yoga Classes, Gyms and Athletics to help people heal, meditate, relax, digital detox, connect with people, disengage from work and then perform better at work with more energy, clarity and focus.

Wellness Trends For 2020

2. Remote Working & The Rise of Digital Nomads—

  • As a consequence of burnout that we are experiencing primarily from the hyperconnected, hyper digital, globalized and hyperconnected society we live in where this a lot of pressure and the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is always there, I think unfortunately alot of millennials and younger generations will become more disconnected because of this. And there is no stopping this trend. I do believe the world will unfortunately become more polarized as everyone gains access to unprecedented amounts of information. However, on the bright side there will be increasing dynamism of work options such as how we work, where we work and the nature of work itself as tech intensity increases and dramatically shifts the workforce. The coronavirus pandemic has vastly accelerated the rates of change with digital transformation and the big shift in work.

    How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Turbocharging the Future of Work, Hyperautomation, Remote Working, Digital Transformation and Exponential Tech
  • Therefore, I believe younger generations such as Gen Z and Digital Natives such as myself will seek Remote Working, GigTech and embrace new styles of working in the digital age.

    Why remote work isn’t going away anytime soon
  • I believe this will be a trend toward Digital Nomadism and Remote Working for better or worse. We have the technology and the advances in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to easily enable more remote working. Hopefully as technological automation advances, people will be able to work less, earn more, live better and actually spend more time with friends, family and loved ones as opposed to what we have today.

3. Exponential Growth Curves in Digital Technologies

It is hard to say which exact companies will win or lose, but it is easier to say that picking a basket of stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and commodities will result in high performing portfolios.

It is also better to invest from Macro, Thematic or first principles. It should be obvious by now that great bets include companies that are betting heavily on digital transformation, software and disruptive technologies of the future. I believe most businesses that fail to innovate will go out of business in today’s ruthless hypercompetitive digital age.

Exponential Technologies and Our Technologically Disruptive and Digitally Transformed Future

Disruptive Innovation, Transformative Technologies, Exponential Change and Industries of the Future

  • Cryptocurrencies, Public Blockchains and Decentralized Finance (DeFi):

Bitcoin, Ethereum definitely are worth it and possibly other tokens such as Neo, ICON, SingularityNet, Brave and Monero are a safe bet as the digital economy grows and fintech, AI, privacy and decentralization converge. And you can pick more that you fancy (please do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions, especially in cryptocurrencies).

Brave, Brendan Eich, Web 3.0 and the Battle Against Surveillance Capitalism and Big Tech to Restore Privacy, Monetize Users and Build the Decentralized Internet and CryptoEconomy

The Role of Blockchain in the Digital Economy

Ben Goertzel is putting artificial intelligence into decentralized finance | Modern Consensus

  • Bitcoin vs CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)

Bitcoin is Near All-Time Highs and the Mainstream Doesn’t Care…Yet - Visual Capitalist

The Bitcoin Life Raft: The End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We Know It (w/ Raoul Pal)

MMT, Inflation, Currency Debasement, CBDCs, Stablecoins, FinTech, Cashless Society, Bitcoin, Internet of Value, Gold, Reserve Assets

  • Ark Invest

ARK Invest — Please check out there 2020 Big Ideas Annual Report down in the link below! ARK Invest is run by their CIO Cathie D Wood who has an eagle eye for investing in disruptive innovation. Please watch her presentation at a Singularity University Conference below also! ARK Funds have ETF choices in several companies based on themes ranging from Fintech, Genomics, 3D Printing to Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles and Next Generation Internet or Web 3.0.

Ark Invest Annual Research Report: Big Ideas 2020

Cathie Woods - Investing in disruptive innovation | SingularityU ExFin South Africa Summit

  • Tesla

Many of the companies in ARKs portfolio I recommend checking out individually and investing in many of them as well, Especially Tesla which was recently included in the S&P 500 and is set to become a top 10 company.

Tesla Set to Become a Top 10 Company in the S&P 500 - Visual Capitalist

A lot of people don’t like Tesla and are Elon Musk Haters but as battery storage costs plummet this decade and millennials look to purchase electric vehicles, electrification becomes the gold standard in the automotive industry over the next 2-3 years, and fully self-driving cars/autonomous vehicles and robotaxis start dominating the roads this decade I believe Tesla will be a great investment because it is way ahead of its competitors and leads in innovation on these fronts. 2 Tesla Channels I follow closely are Steven Mark Ryan’s Solving The Money Problem and Tesla Daily.

Tesla Stock ALL TIME HIGH: Worth Half A Trillion Dollars

Updated Look at Tesla’s S&P 500 Inclusion, FSD Beta 5, Supercharger Factory, & TSLA Stock

  • SoftBank, Arm and Nvidia

SoftBank, Arm and Nvidia are great investments I believe. As you can see I am a contrarian to the mainstream media and Wall Street gurus who would go crazy at someone saying they love Tesla, SoftBank and Bitcoin 😁. Please have a look at my previous article on SoftBank and why I believe the company is sound from a macro perspective.

This is because these are tech companies situated globally from the US to Japan and more which are expanding ruthlessly into the future in gaming, virtual reality/augmented reality, cloud, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, private blockchain, enterprise software, 5G etc. and are focusing on using their scale and (digital) size as a competitive advantage to win in the digital economy.

The SoftBank, Arm and Nvidia CEOs particularly are betting massively on Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and the Future of Computing Infrastructure which is why I am also paying alot of attention to them.

SoftBank’s Outsized Bets will pay off in a Hyperconnected & Digital Economy

Dawn of a New Computing Era, The Fifth Wave of Computing, Technological Singularity, Nvidia’s Arm Acquisition

The New Era of Compute at Arm TechCon 2019

Softbank Group, NVIDIA CEOs on What's Next for AI (Courtesy of SoftBank World 2020)


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