Is There Such a Thing as Effective Sleep Telemedicine Services for Sleep Patients?

We offer ways to focus exclusively on patient care rather than administration.


Daniel Boone

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Ognomy provides sleep telemedicine services to sleep apnea disorders and treats patients by making it easy for them to receive the sleep healthcare they need. We offer ways to focus exclusively on patient care rather than administration.

Sleep Telemedicine has been around longer than many of us realize. It has existed since the 1920s when radio was utilized to dispense medical advice to ships at sea.

Technology challenges and other concerns limited its usefulness in the past, but tele-radiology, tele-pathology, and other treatment forms evolved over time and this modality flourishes today.

As a result of the sweeping cultural changes brought about by the Covid pandemic, remote connectivity is increasingly in demand for many services — particularly health care.

Is Telemedicine Commonly Used for Sleep Patients?

In 2015, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine published a position paper regarding the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders via telemedicine. The use of which has grown tremendously since that time.

Studies have demonstrated effective implementation of telemedicine to diagnose and manage obstructive sleep apnea, for example — primarily to increase adherence to positive airway pressure therapy.

The Journal of Clinical Medicine describes a pilot study in which the median CPAP adherence “considerably increased by 2.17 hours per night” and the “number of patients with poor adherence (less than 4 hours per night) was considerably reduced from 38 to 7.”

How Effective is it for Sleep Patients?


Multiple studies have revealed that benefits resulting from cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) administered via telemedicine are comparable to those delivered during in-person office visits. These studies yielded similar findings for brief behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Telemedicine has been applied to the management of sleep disorders in pediatric populations, as well. Telehealth follow-up visits, for instance, were used for chronic management of obstructive sleep apnea and CBT — when delivered via the internet were demonstrated to be effective in adolescents with insomnia.

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