The Only Thing Worse Than Failing Is Being Afraid to Try.

Just do it!


Teronie Donaldson

2 years ago | 2 min read

Nike (The sports apparel and sneaker company) will go down in history as having one of the world’s greatest slogans with “Just Do it.”

Whether you view it as an inspirational rallying cry, motivation, or bullying command, there is no doubt that it was an effective call to action.

Its simplicity was genuine and spoke to our core mission that some of us wish to take.

That core mission would be to fulfill our potential. The core behavior would be to take action.

What stops our action?

Usually ourselves and our limiting self-beliefs.

Building a positive self-image and strong belief system in the face of daunting limitations is a challenge. But it’s no different than building anything else in this world.

It just takes time.

Sometimes we think it takes endless planning. Yes, planning is a major part of the equation, but a bigger part is just doing it.

Here is a major fact of life — nothing happens until you get started.

“Motion creates emotion.” — Tony Robbins.

Sometimes what holds us back from “just doing it” is the thought that only our life’s major achievements count.

There is a notion that you have to have multiple degrees. Or be super famous.

You dont have to be Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Jay-Z to boost your self-image.

You dont have to be on the cover of a magazine; that doesn’t make you.

What makes you is established more by the small things you do consistently over time.

The many small things you do today.
The hundred small things you do over the weeks.
The thousand small things you do over the months.
The million small things you do over the years.
That is what creates who you are in this lifetime.

The small daily things you accomplish is more important than the infrequent moments in the limelight.

An old phrase goes, “it takes 10 years to become an overnight success.” Those who have suddenly made it — have been toiling in obscurity for years and finally got their due.

My favorite example of this is world-renowned Actor Samual L Jackson.

Widely regarded as one of this generation’s most popular actors, the films in which he has appeared (ex: The Avengers, Star Wars, nearly everything else) have collectively grossed over $27 billion worldwide, making him the highest-grossing actor of all time.

Impressive right?

What is not mentioned regarding his success is Jackson’s roles as a build-up to fame. He had cameos in so many movies that I lost count. He never stops trying to land roles. He kept going to auditions. He just did it.

He tried a lot. He failed a lot. Ultimately he succeeded a lot.

So whatever it is you are thinking of doing.

Just do it

As long as it is positive, go for it.

Write your article.

Start your side hustle.

Join a Zoom call.

Speak up in a work meeting.

Make new connections.

Gain a new skill.

Develop better relationships with your family.

Think of all the things you wanted to do as a kid
or all the things you always want to do and just do it.

No more worrying about failure.

Just do it.

And see what happens.

Here is a cool video of a fellow emphasizing this point emphatically.

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