Things that stop manifestations (pt. 1)

Things that stops our manifestations from coming into our lives can be so subtle that we're not even aware of them ourselves. Do you ever make degrading jokes about yourself? Comment and let me know if you think it's having an effect on your personal growth.


Amanda Krepp 🐝

2 years ago | 1 min read

Sometimes the reason why our desires are not showing up in our reality is because we our working against ourselves. Often, it's done unconciously by repeating behaviors or expressions that we're not even aware of.

1. The first common act that actually stops manifestation is
irony. Small jokes about oneselves such as “oh, I always have such bad luck", or “I am going to be single forever”. Think about how you talk about yourself, is it condecending or do you often say things about yourself that you refer to as permanent traits?

This goes hand in hand with our thoughts, and the way we perceive ourselves. Things like “I am so clumpsy” or “I have never had a good sense of direction”, might seem small, but when ideas about who we are shape the way we think, act, and talk about ourselves to others, it will be hard to let a different verison in.

Our ideas about ourselves are really just ideas anchored in the past. Everything that you are in reality just memories. So instead of continuosly repeating the past, start acting, behaving and even using irony and jokes to your benefit.

Instead of making condicending comments of yourself, start lifting yourself up a bit more. You're not egoistic or a liar, you're just welcoming a new version of yourself!

Start challenging the beliefs about yourself with small new actions that aligns with the new version of yourself, maybe shop in different stores, wear new clothes, and overall talk better about yourself, especially in the areas where you previously haven't.


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