Thinking of creating a Personal Brand as a college student? Here’s why it is a BIG YES!

College days are the best to build your personal brand, it’s like your hallmark that indicates your abilities & qualities. It will help you to increase credibility.


Vaishnavi Kulkarni

3 years ago | 3 min read

If you are still wondering whether you should build a personal brand in college, here’s your sign. Just do it, what are you waiting for? College days are the best to build your personal brand, it’s like your hallmark that indicates your abilities & qualities. It will not only help you to increase credibility but also help separate yourself from the competition when you launch your career.  

According to Mint, India is the second-largest market for LinkedIn in terms of the number of users after the US, where the company has 122 million users. Globally, it has 400 million users, of which roughly 10% are students. So, here’s your chance to cut through the noise & clutter. 

Personal branding is one of your biggest assets. You can use this asset to address your skills, achievements, values & the things that you want to be known for. Students spend 4 years of their life preparing for the so-called “real world” of work in college but in reality, there is no guarantee that a degree will land them their desired job immediately. Heard of the name Elon Musk? Of course, who hasn't!? even if you have no interest in technology, it’s hard to avoid the brand that Mr Musk is. That’s the power of personal branding my friend. It makes you seen in the pool of people. 

How & Where to start building your Personal Brand as a Student? 

We live in a digital everything happens on the internet & social media, also the best place to build your personal brand. Social media is the first place where your employers are going to look for information about you. Use it wisely. 

Out of all the social media, Linkedin is one of the best to kickstart your personal brand as a student. The earlier, the better. Linkedin placements allow students to track suitable jobs, apply for them & even contact the employer. Isn't that amazing, getting straight in touch with the HR or Founder of the company!? Hell Yeah. The endorsements & recommendations feature to offer a lot more insight into a candidate's strength than what is presented on a resume. Remember in today’s world, a resume alone won't help you land a job.  

How to get started on Linkedin in 2021? 

Start with the basics. Here’s how you can make a compelling & professional LinkedIn profile. 

1. Upload a professional photo (preferably a headshot). 

2. Add your industry & location. 

3. Customize your URL. 

4. Write a summary. 

5. Add your experience & education. 

6. List your skills & achievement.  

7. Connect with people 

8. Get recommendations from people you have worked with. 

9. Start posting content. 

If you are wondering what knowledge a student has to offer in a sea of professionals & scholars? A lot. Even I had this question in mind before starting out but eventually, we as students have a lot to share on this platform. You can share about your experiences, your learnings, your achievements, showcase your skills & hobbies too! People on LinkedIn are a gem, you won't feel intimidated or deflated. You can literally connect with the best minds on Linkedin. 

Start with building a community, adding relevant connections to your network. Don't spam or send random connection requests. This is a mistake that many make in the beginner stage. Connect with HRs, CEOs, founders & professionals from your niche. Getting a job gets much easier with Linkedin. You never know a single connection request can get you a referral for your dream company.  

Stop wasting your time by mindlessly scrolling through social media. Apply for internships, get experience, start a side hustle & monetize your skill. Trust me this will open a lot of doors for you. You won't be any other ordinary student sailing on the ship of college.  

Here are the slipups you should avoid on Linkedin: 

• Treating LinkedIn like other social media platforms. There is lower tolerance for nonsense on LinkedIn. People on LinkedIn look for insights, value. Provide it. Be professional. 

• Not personalizing your connection request- Another mistake that beginners make. Linkedin is all about networking & that requires a bit of effort. Make sure you send a personalized invitation to get accepted.  

• Not spending enough time on LI- You can't get anything good without investing some time in it. Building your brand takes time, it’s no magic, it’s a process. 

• Fear of sharing or seeking help- Never shy away from posting or asking someone doubts. No one is here to judge you. You will be surprised to see how many people will lend you a helping hand.  

There are over 3 million active job listings on LinkedIn at any given time & it is filled with seasoned professionals. A reason enough to be active on the platform. Build key relationships & get comfortable with representing yourself to a larger audience. Students with a personal brand have an edge over others.  

From a student for a student- hope this aids your career path. Remember, it’s never too late to build your network & personal brand. 


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