Three books that can really help you to start your journey in Data Science in 2020

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Learning Data Science effectively is not easy. Many of us start learning this field from online courses and that is very useful but it is not enough in order to have a deep understanding of the field.

To have a more complete understanding of Data Science, I think it is necessary to study some books that can really help you to focus on some important concepts.

I also believe that studying from the right books can make a huge difference when you start to work on your personal projects or you want to follow the Data Science career path.

So, in this article, I’d like to suggest you the three books that really help me to start my journey in Data Science and better understand this field.

1. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Cover of my book
Cover of my book

This is a great book if you are a beginner in Data Science and you want to learn some practical concepts that can be easily applied on your first projects.

So, you don’t need to have previous knowledge about the different machine learning algorithms and the various methods and techniques to improve the performance of a model. But you need to have some familiarity with Python language before to start this book.

Anyway, this book is also useful for researchers and data scientists that already work with complex data science models.

For what concerns the math behind the algorithm this book tries to give you an intuitive explanation about the algorithms without going too deep in some mathematical formulas.

I strongly recommend this book because you will not only learn how some algorithms work but you will have the possibility to practice what you have studied thanks to the many practical examples.

Here the link of the book on Amazon.

2. Mathematics for Machine Learning

Cover of my book
Cover of my book

I discovered this amazing book two months ago. As you can understand from the title, the aim of this book is to help you to start having familiarity with the math concepts behind machine learning algorithms.

In fact, having a basic knowledge of mathematics in machine learning is very important because that permits you to see and understand how really a machine learning model works.

The book is written in an academic mathematical style but at the same time, the concepts are described in a very easy way and this aspect can help you to be more motivated in studying the mathematics applied to machine learning.

I think that having a solid understanding of maths will give you an extra gear as a Data Scientist and this book is the best choice to improve or refresh your math skills.

Here the link of the book on Amazon.

3. Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras & TensorFlow

Cover of my book
Cover of my book

This last book is one of the most used books in Data Science today. It gives you many insights and at the same time, it shows you a wide range of tools and techniques that are used to improve and deploy machine learning models.

In addition, the book has the same simplicity of the previous ones that I showed you before and it gives you more detailed information than the first book that I suggested to you.

I love this book because it is very helpful and it is structured in a way that permits you to know step by step the process of preparation and deployment of a machine learning model. The book is also characterized by many useful exercises that permit you to better interiorize some data science concepts.

Here the link of the book on Amazon.


By studying these books I think your learning journey in Data Science will be more fun and easier day by day. In addition, you will get more and more practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of this field.

I hope you will enjoy these books!


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