What are the three most important steps to accelerate progress towards business agility?

Its not the strongest that survive, its the one that is most responsive to change - Charles Darwin


Hardik Harsora

3 years ago | 1 min read

Agility means - Speed / Flexibility the enterprise practices to make changes across all or majority verticals. This is done to make sure the business always has a competitive advantage.

Changing anything when the company is small is easy cause the steps needed generally are:

  • Announce the change
  • Train for change
  • Make the change
  • Review the change adoption and the change result
  • Make changes to the change or the way it is adopted

All of these steps must happen seamlessly across all leaders and their teams. This is where a large organisation struggles.

So now coming to your question:

  1. One must have a central communication system - This to ensure the same message is communicated across all stake holders and they get an opportunity to clarify anything they like.
  2. Standard change management method - Standard method helps leaders take similar (Recommended) actions only whilst managing a challenge during change. This will help avoid new problems coming out of new solutions deployed, not involving all or right stake holders or missing out on key factors one must consider.
  3. Center of excellence team - This is a team that will administer the change management method and ensure the standards to be followed are not breached.

Hope this helps!

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