Tilt tray sorter Market Size, Share, CAGR & Forecast Report for 2030

Tilt tray sorter Market Size & Share | Global Industry Report


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The tilt tray sorter are used for doing sortation process by identifying items on a conveyor system and then diverting them to their particular destination within an operation, such as various types of parcel carrier doors or packing stations.

As the manual sortation process relies on human workers for identification and diverging the items as necessary, the automated sortation on the other hand leverages technologies which include barcode scanners and other different sensors.

Majorly the automated sortation process gained popularity because it is fully automatic and does not have any kind of human associated intervention. The tilt tray sorter performs unit sortation which means it has the ability to handle items individually and can yield great efficiency to an operation being done. This helps by offering improvements which can be seen in order selection, then packing, and finally outbound shipping sortation.

Because of unique characteristics of the tilt ray sorter under automated loop parcel sortation systems, the manufacturers can get good opportunity to enter the tilt tray sorter market by which they can focus on profits as these tilt tray sorters can help them in cutting labour cost and other manual options.

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Tilt tray sorter market- Market dynamics

A tilt tray sorter is continuous-loop sortation conveyor which has very high speed and which uses a technique to sort the items by tilting a tray so that objects slide in the chute and get sorted. These tilt tray sorters are great in handling totes, cartons, also soft goods which are difficult to sort by other technologies.

A tilt tray sortation process will simultaneously sort irregular shaped products from small to larger, lightweight to heavyweight poly-bags, packages properly. The process of sorting using a tilt tray sorter works best when the items can slip off or flow off the tray by gravity.

Also a tilt tray sorter is a specific kind of loop sorter which operates continuously with a highly accurate and high-speed. The tray is made of wood or plastic, which can be individually operated to tilt to either one side or both sides.

The item which is on the tray is then sorted by gravity on the takeaway conveyor. Apart from the features such as automated and easy sorting, the tilt tray sorters are provides versatile type packaging. A tilt tray sorter can easily be reconfigured with minimal difficulty and the technology has been widely used in many different industries such as apparel, publishing, postal and pharmaceutical.

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