Tips to Choose the Best Homepage Picture for Your Website

The web design company does a lot of research and gives the clients a detailed questionnaire before coming up with various choices for them to choose from.


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‘A picture paints a thousand words’ - an apt description of what a picture can do. Although there is no dearth of words in dictionaries, a visual created by a picture is way more effective than what can be created by words. Be it a four-year-old toddler or a forty-year-old adult, everyone is instantly drawn to pictures as our brain can process pictures at an electric speed as compared to only words.

With growing web content and changing web development, new websites must be very cautious while choosing the best image that describes them and creates a clear picture in the user’s mind about what they are offering. The homepage picture speaks volumes about the website. Without a word, the whole purpose and the perspective of the website become clear to the user.

Here’s a complete guide with all the requisites that all Web Designers in Sunshine Coast follow to create an ever-lasting impression on the users. Some key points to consider before finalising the homepage for the website.


It takes a lot to make the right choice, but all the effort becomes worthwhile when it is the best. The web design company does a lot of research and gives the clients a detailed questionnaire before coming up with various choices for them to choose from. That’s because a little orientation gives a clear picture of what the clients want to project to their users.

Your homepage image must instantly project your idea, your company, and its purpose. It creates the first and foremost impression. Your input helps the web design company in Sunshine Coast choose the best homepage picture describing your website.


Many website developers tend to overlook the shape of the picture. Portrait pictures take up much screen space, and a little is left to play with words alongside the picture. If the picture is in landscape form, a lot of space is left to complement the picture with appropriate words. Also, it’s difficult to convert a portrait picture into a landscape. So, remember that if you want the homepage to look a certain way, always choose a landscape picture.


Always remember that the homepage picture is the focal point of the website. Also, there must be a balance between the picture and the text to go with it. They both need to complement each other, and the focus must be on the picture.

If the text is to be embedded in the picture, the focus of the picture must be very clear and not be hidden under the text. Always place the text in a way that the focal point doesn’t get jumbled up with it. If the picture’s focal point is on the right, the text must be on the left, in the picture, and vice-versa.

Image Quality and Size

The image must be in high-quality resolution. Remember that the pixels make a lot of difference. Pictures with large pixels work best for web designers. Web Designers from Sunshine Coast help clients to choose pictures that would look good on PCs and mobile phones alike, as the content today is accessible through both.

Always choose a large image as ‘ the bigger the better’. Also, it’s easier to convert a large image to a smaller size. It is impossible to convert a smaller image to a larger size as it compromises the original quality of the image.

Colours and Light

Colours leave a massive impact on the user. Choosing the right colour for the homepage that would appeal to the masses, prove relevant to the website, and gives an appealing look to the website, is crucially important. Using fresh, bright colours gives an energised look to the whole website whereas dull, muted colours fail to attract the attention of the user. You can also choose a primary colour that has a strong connection with your website and play with the saturation of other secondary colours with it.

The chosen colours must be in rhythm with both dark and light modes. As the choice of lighting is up to the user, the colours chosen must look appealing to all modes of light.

Web Designers from Sunshine Coast have the credibility to bring a balance and work in tandem with both these aspects.


Smiling and happy faces are contagious. Pictures with real, smiling people can allure the users to make instant connections and force them to visit the website repeatedly, increasing the conversion rate. These pictures also positively affect the user’s mood and boost their decision-making in your favour. Users relate more to common people than celebrities. Always use real, happy faces than the ones with a plastic smile plastered to their faces.

Professional Photographer

The last resort for tackling problems related to choosing the best homepage picture is hiring professional help. Professional photographers help manage the size, resolution, colour, lighting, faces, and all else with ease. They are angels in disguise when you feel stuck with all the tedious work. Getting professional help also gives a unique perspective as you are not making use of an old, already-used picture. Web Designers from Sunshine Coast have some of the best photographers who can cater to all the requirements of the clients to the best of their ability and make their website’s homepage look like a dream.

Let The Homepage Speak For Itself

The major reason for a website’s excellent engagement rate is its pictures, more importantly, its homepage. Homepage sets the tone and helps build a brand image. It’s an introduction to what your site offers and how well you will build a relationship with your users. Your homepage picture should be a complete insight into the soul of your website with the capability to convert your user into a customer for life.


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