Tips To Improve The Hiring Process With An ATS

"Learn how an applicant tracking system (ATS) can streamline your hiring process and improve the candidate experience. Discover tips on how to optimize your ATS to attract top talent and increase efficiency in your hiring process."


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If you're like most business owners or human resource professionals, you want to improve your hiring process. After all, the better your process is, the better your chances of attracting and retaining top talent. And one way to do that is by using an applicant tracking system (ATS). Here are some tips on how to use an ATS to improve your hiring process.

Define your candidate requirements before starting to use an ATS

Before investing in an applicant tracking system (ATS), it is absolutely necessary to identify and define your needs as a hiring team. This means assessing your hiring process, understanding the role and qualifications of potential hires, and knowing what specific features you require in order to streamline the recruiting process. Additionally, with an ATS you must consider how you want applicants to interact with the system -- should they be able to save applications? How will users apply for positions -- through the ATS or through other methods? These questions should provide a comprehensive idea of how the ATS should work with and support your workforce. Clearly defining your requirements before beginning implementation allows you to ensure that your ATS does exactly what it’s meant to do – enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and find talented employees for open roles.

Use Boolean search strings to find the best candidates

Boolean search strings can stabilize the job recruitment process and deliver high-quality candidate results. By tailoring your search terms to fit specific criteria, Boolean searches are capable of uncovering hidden gems that may have been overlooked in a broader search. With features like nesting, wildcards, and phrase searching, Boolean offers extremely precise results that can allow you to quickly identify which applicants meet the exact requirements for a role. In summary, using Boolean search strings to find candidates is an effective way to bring the strongest matches to the front door.

Post your jobs on multiple job boards

Posting your job opening to multiple job boards is an effective way to cast a wide net and increase the chances of getting a qualified candidate. Posting to more job boards broadens the applicant pool and draws in more diverse candidates, increasing the likelihood that you will find the perfect fit for your organization. Posting your jobs on multiple job boards takes minimal effort but yields big returns in terms of finding quality applicants who possess the skills and knowhow to take your business to the next level.

Screen candidates with phone or video interviews

Candidate screening with phone or video interviews can be a great way to save time and money while recruiting qualified candidates. In addition to being efficient, virtual interviews allow recruiters to conduct more in-depth conversations and capture non-verbal cues they wouldn’t get if they just relied on a resume. Candidate screening is an important part of the recruitment process because it helps employers determine whether or not a candidate is suitable for the job and workplace environment. Phone and video interviews can provide direct insight into a candidate's customer service, communication, technical, and problem-solving skills. By taking advantage of these technologies for candidate screening, employers can make sure their hiring decisions are well informed.

Check references and conduct background checks

Checking references and conducting background checks is an essential component of the hiring process. Ensuring a candidate's prior experience, knowledge and qualifications are legitimate prior to extending an offer helps employers guarantee they are making a good decision. Background checks help employers verify identity, criminal history, past employment, education and other related information pertinent to the position. Taking the time to thoroughly explore these factors ahead of hiring can save employers from potential issues down the road. As such, it is highly recommended for any employer or organization looking to hire new employees to include checking references and conducting background checks as part of their workflow.

Make sure you are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations

Compliance with laws and regulations is an important part of successful business operations. Accurate and up to date knowledge of applicable laws and regulations can help your business avoid potential complications, protect the safety of employees, customers and products, as well as ensure adherence to ethical practices. Staying compliant also helps to maintain consumer trust, promote a positive public image for the business, which may lead to more potential opportunities for growth. In light of these benefits, make sure to regularly review current applicable laws and regulations related to your industry or business activities so that you are aware of any changes that could affect your operations.

By following the steps above, you can set your business up for success in finding top talent through an ATS. Boolean search strings will help you find candidates that are the best fit for the job, and by posting on multiple job boards, you will have a larger pool of talented individuals to choose from. Screening candidates via phone or video interviews saves time and helps to ensure that you are hiring the best person for the job. Finally, checking references and conducting background checks protects your business from making a bad hire. By being compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, you can avoid any legal penalties associated with the hiring process.


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