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Chaitanya Prabuddha

3 years ago | 1 min read

When we start to code, most of us really don’t focus on tools. These tools can really make your programming more productive and efficient.

In the tech world, there are thousands of tools that people use themselves, or probably will tell you to use these tools. How are we as beginners or intermediates know which tool is good for us? In this blog, I have talked about this in this article, Enjoy-


This Amazing Chrome extensions help us to identify the fond of the website.


Most of us fall into problems related to our code or there is a bug that you are facing but can’t solve, you can search that on StackOverflow and could get the solution over there.


This is also a Chrome extension that helps in identifying the technology used in that website.

4.Redux Dev Tools

This tool is good for debugging applications made by Redux.

5.Vimeo Repeat and Speed

This is Also a Chrome extension, most of the coding tutorials made by individual websites are either hosted on Vimeo or sometimes Youtube. This extension gives you the flexibility to watch Vimeo videos in a custom way.

6.Git Lens

If you use VS Code, this vs code extension will help you find what, when changes were made and who made the changes in the code.


This extension on VS code changes the Coding window according to yourself and makes it the most pleasant look for your eyes.

8.Code Spell Checker

This as the name suggests checks the spelling of the code, and makes it easier for you to code if you don’t want to waste your time on learning and memorizing spellings.


This code guide will make sure that the brackets and parenthesis that you put in your code are correct and is in the right place so that in the future no bugs could be found.

10.Auto Rename Tag

This will automatically make the ending tag of any HTML code you do, like if you wrote then it will automatically make in the correct position according to your code.


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