Top 10 Garments Apparel Supplier in Bangladesh

We’ll discuss the top 10 garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh who are continuously working to strengthen our economy.


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Bangladesh is second in the world in terms of readymade clothing exports as a sovereign state. Reducing the spread of  Coronavirus has increased demand for this uniqueness significantly. As a result, Bangladesh’s garment exports to the United States are also increasing. According to the BGMEA, there is now around 4,000 small and large garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh. These include global-magnificence corporations as well as unregistered manufacturers.

Top 10 Garments Apparel Supplier in Bangladesh

We’ll discuss the top 10 garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh who are continuously working to strengthen our economy-

1. Posh Garments

Posh Garments is one of the most important garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh. In our Dhaka, Bangladesh facility, they could manufacture perfectly designed uniforms for you on demand.

They design and sell original clothing and accessories to buyers all around the world. Posh Garments has a long history of counseling companies and providing them with the uniforms they need to equip their employees. They make comfortable and long-lasting clinic outfits for the workforce, which includes nurses. The uniforms they give are breathable for clients to work all day. Furthermore, the uniforms have several wallets for keeping all of the necessary items.

Through their extensive skills, they encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, as well as consistent design, fabric manufacturing, and length ratios to meet the needs of each individual client. Their overall performance workwear is manufactured with high-quality fabric and the most recent production techniques and procedures. They produce trendy, excellent uniforms that stand out, are comfortable to wear, and ensure safety in even the most stressful working settings.

2. Ha-Meem Group

The Ha-Meem Group is a well-known garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh. It is a major ready-made clothing provider for local and worldwide manufacturers in both casual and formal wear.

Mr. A.K. Azad and Mr. Delwar founded the company in 1984. It creates one-of-a-kind knitted and woven fabric for garment production. Since its inception, the Ha-Meem Group has developed into a major corporation with over 50,000 people spread over 26 facilities in Bangladesh.

3. Beximco Limited

Beximco Fashions Limited is another major garment maker in Bangladesh, with headquarters in Dhaka. The employer began manufacturing business in 1997. It is currently an export-oriented company. With over 70,000 employees, BFSL supplies over 6 million pieces of first-rate clothing to major retail outlets in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

4. Square Fashions Limited

When discussing a number of the major makers of Readymade Knit clothing & Circular Knit Fabrics, your list cannot be complete without including Square Fashions Limited. Founded in 1997 by Samson H. Chowdhury, this clothes manufacturer today provides garment and textile devices, each furnished with an excellent method.

Square Fashions Limited is also one of the companies that provide its employees with natural drinking water, recreation facilities, first-rate meals, free transportation, and high-quality medical services.

5. DBL Group

DBL Group, founded in 1992, runs plants in many locations, including Ethiopia. It employs approximately 39,000 people and provides a wide range of items, including sportswear, casual clothing, and business wear, to some of the world’s leading retail brands, including Walmart and Puma.

DBL has a long history of global recognition for its role in sustainability efforts, having worked with organizations such as UNICEF, ILO, and CARE. Its actions are also in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

6. Epyllion Group

Epyllion Group is a world-class garment manufacturer that began operations in 1994. The employer began as a ready-made clothing home, producing and exporting knit apparel. Epyllion now has a sizable established order of knit clothing, fabrics, and clothing accessories. The organization, armed with a few sought-after systems and staff, has built a name for itself in the European, Asian, and Australian markets.

7. Palmal Group

The Palmal Group of Industries, one of the most promising RMG manufacturing business firms, debuted in 1974. Nurul Haque Sikder, Mr. He was the prior and original chairman, as well as the Group’s managing director. Mr. NH Sikder, the long-overdue Engineer, appointed his beloved son. Mr. Nafis Sikder Managing Director in 2001. Since then, Mr. Nafis Sikder has served as the Group’s Honorary Managing Director, and the Group has been able to function smoothly under his vibrant leadership. Over the last seventeen years, the employer’s business has grown rapidly and significantly. It is now Bangladesh’s second-largest clothing exporter.

8. Asian Apparels Limited

Asian Apparels Limited is a major garments apparel supplier in Bangladesh. They began their adventure in 1992. Since then, they have been steadily expanding their borders. They obtained a production facility for Priyam garments in 2002 and a manufacturing plant in Chittagong in 2004. They have a dynamic team of professionals that do not compromise on the quality of their products and guarantee on-time delivery.

9. Akij Textile Mills Ltd

Akij Textile Mills Ltd is a major producer of yarn-dyed and solid-dyed fabric in Bangladesh. It is part of the Akij Group, which is widely regarded as one of the country’s largest corporations. ATML promises to keep up with global trends and aspirations in fabric and technology. The clothing factory has been in operation since 1998 and has outstanding manufacturing facilities to suit the high expectations of a wide range of consumers.

10. Pakiza Group

Pakiza Group, founded in 1982, is doing well in Bangladesh and overseas. The reason behind its success is its textiles division (Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, and Printing). Everything from the disclosed fabric, Lungees, and Bedsheets to their most expensive fabric are available. It has made the Pakiza brand well-known to thousands of people both domestically and internationally.

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All of the large corporations that are presently operating in the clothing industry began small and have progressed to their current position. One by one, the sectors have produced job opportunities for the country’s huge population. These huge corporations continue to play an important role in influencing the global positioning of Bangladesh’s textile sector.

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