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Recently, Korean movies have been appreciated worldwide because of their storyline, themes and plots. These movies have now also become one of my favorite entertainment shows. Many things can be discussed here which make Korean content a class above others, such as dramatization, script, direction and extraordinary performance of the actors. An additional aspect of thrill and action makes Korean movies more engaging. Viewers around the world search for online platforms to watch these movies. Understandably, every individual keeps his/her taste in movie watching. If you are also one of the Korean movie diehard hands and searching to watch these movies on websites, then we have made a list of websites for your convenience, and from these websites, you can download any movie of your choice. Here is the list of these websites; visit them and download any movie you prefer.

1. Dramacool

Here we introduce you to another main website, which provides the luxury of downloading Korean dramas for free. Because of this website's easy layout, users can easily navigate between drama categories. All the dramas and movies available here are in HD quality. It does not compromise on its quality, and despite being so competitive, it allows free access to an array of genres of Korean dramas.

2. Viki

Viki is rated as one of the best websites with many Korean movies. The best thing about Viki is that it provides movies with English subtitles for viewers across the globe to understand and enjoy it. Its picture quality is High Definition so that you can enjoy your favorite drama in top video quality. Viki has a broad range of TV shows, movies and dramas from Japan, Korea, Mainland, available for you all the time.  The added facility is that you can stream without paying anything, in case you are a subscriber to Viki pass, and get a great HD experience without unnecessary ads popping up after every few minutes. However, one disadvantage for users streaming for free: Viki may show many ads, which can result in inconvenience.

3. Dramacool Sub

This website also offers you to download Korean dramas without paying anything. Like any other top-ranked website, drama allows you to search for the most trending content without wasting much of your precious time. In addition, this website is known for Korean dramas and has also listed several serials on its homepage.

4. Sojuoppa

Sojuoppa is another top website offering you to download Korean movies of your choice. It has a simple layout and can be navigated with ease. When you visit this website, it ensures that you are just a click away from downloading all super hit Korean movies. The moderators upload unlimited Korean content daily, allowing users to download any show from their favorite category.

If you are a regular visitor to this website, you can see their effort to update their website and upload all the latest shows.

5. Kingdrakor

This website is well-known for its simplicity; it has no unnecessary complexities and is easy to navigate, choose and download movies without much hustle. Depending on your convenience, it has a range of categories and offers to download from MKV quality to lower quality. Kingdrakor also updates itself regularly. One downside is that you may have plenty of ads, but they are still easy to navigate even if you are a beginner.

6. Dramabeans

It is recognized as one of the oldest websites with much Korean content. This quality makes it one of the most trendy websites among Korean drama viewers. Easy navigation gives you direct access to a broad range of Korean, Chinese and Asian dramas.

7. Mydramalist

It is the fanciest website to download Korean dramas for free. Mydramalist has self-explanatory navigation, but it is not advisable to use it. The beautiful display with a mixture of blue and white makes it look more appealing, which is why it is so popular among the viewers.

8. Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly the best organization in the on-demand media industry. It has approximately 160 million paying subscribers around the world. Recently, Netflix has been facing tough competition from rival streaming companies like Amazon, Google, and Disney. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph are the founders of Netflix who established the company back in 1997. They introduced the idea of a DVD rental service via mail. In 1998, they launched their first DVD rental site The company initiated its subscription service to have the audience countless DVD rentals every month. Netflix has been famous for its creative ideas and early entry into various segments of the media industry that was largely not known before. The company Netflix started as the first DVD-by-mail service, and with that, it led the way in other categories as well including a DVD subscription plan followed by a streaming service. Almost 50 percent of the adult population in the United States are subscribed to Netflix

9. WeTV

It is a comparatively new website that offers users to stream Korean and Asian dramas. WeTv is wasting no time in increasing its content library. The owners and operators of WeTv are the ones who created the popular smartphone game PUBG named Tencent. Its native and IOS applications help it to increase viewers at a fast pace.

10. Kocowa

Like Netflix, Kocowa is also a subscription-based website for downloading Korean dramas. To make it joyous for its premium users, Kocowa disables advertisements.However, unfortunately, the website is unavailable in North and South America. Besides these websites, you can watch Korean serials and movies on several other websites without consuming mental energy. However, there is a chance that these websites might be subscription-based.


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