Top 5 PHP Frameworks to Use For Your Web Application in 2020

Here’s a list of the top 5 PHP frameworks that one could use to develop a web application in 2020.


Tushar Singh Manhas

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A software framework comes in handy when it comes to building a web application from scratch. In the current scenario, the coding complexity has increased to such an extent that developing a simple website has become a time-consuming and cumbersome task for developers.

PHP, a server-side scripting language, comes with a plethora of frameworks that help enterprises to build robust web applications without any hassle. Here’s a list of the top 5 PHP frameworks that one could use to develop a web application in 2020.


Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that has got tremendous traction among the developer’s community across the globe since its inception. From MVC architecture to artisan console to eloquent ORM, Laravel is brimmed with exemplary features that make creating a website a trouble-free affair for organizations. Apart from that, enhanced website security, quick data migration, powerful pagination are some prominent reasons that make Laravel the best PHP framework to develop web applications.


CodeIgniter is another open-source PHP framework which is known for its lightness and speed. It is used to build lightweight web apps that run smoothly on modest servers. Some noteworthy features of CodeIgniter include MVC based system, query builder database support, session management, full-page caching, etc.


Released in 2005, Symphony is used to develop complex and large-scale web applications. This PHP framework also follows MVC architecture that allows coders to divide their large scale projects into discrete sections for better management. Symfony contains a set of components that are used by some popular CMS like OroCRM, PHP bulletin boards, Drupal, etc.


Zend is a highly customizable PHP framework that is used to create the basic structure of web applications. It is also known as an object-oriented framework because it enables developers to reuse the existing code whenever required. Furthermore, the framework is equipped with coding and debugging tools that are useful in creating complicated websites.


Yii(Yes, it is) is a component-based object-oriented framework used for building all types of modern-day web applications. Due to its extensive caching support and component-based architecture, Yii is used for developing web portals, content management systems, and ecommerce websites.

Wrap Up

While these were some popular PHP frameworks that could be used to develop an agile web application, there are many more such as Phalcon, CakePHP, Fuel PHP, Slim, etc. However, selecting the framework that suits your business needs and streamlines the development process is crucial.


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