Top 5 skills to become a successful Digital Marketer in 2022.

The following guide consists of the top 5 skills your business can use to foster online presence, engagement, sales, and conversions in 2022.


Varun Bosmia

2 years ago | 3 min read

Ever since the start of the pandemic, digital marketing has reached new heights. It has become one of the hottest career choices for people.

Today, it's just not about SEO and web development but staying updated on new methodologies to keep your brand thriving. And if the business fails to adapt to fluctuating trends, they often fade into the background. With each day passing, marketing is becoming even more digitized, and marketers must stay up-to-date in this ever-changing industry.

With 2022 on the horizon, some skills won't just make you ahead (and updated) in the competition but also a plethora of opportunities to engage more effectively with audiences.

The following guide consists of the top 5 skills your business can use to foster online presence, engagement, sales, and conversions in 2022.

Hybrid events: In the wake of Covid-19, virtual events left a mark on almost every industry. And as we knew it, we are not going back to normal anytime soon. But now that people are a bit conformable to meet in person, there remains a large chunk of the audience who'd want to attend live events from the comfort of their homes.

That's where hybrid events come into the picture. It offers a combination of in-person and virtual components that's sustainable. But how do you make sure of an immersive experience for those attending digitally? Enter AR & VR.

The rise of AR & VR: I'm sure you must have seen or played Pokemon Go. This mobile game is the best example of how brands can implement Augmented Reality (AR) in their business strategy. Meta (formerly called Facebook) announced 'Metaverse' where people can meet, work, play, shop using AR and VR technology.

Following the suit, Microsoft and Nike are also planning to build their AR and VR advancements. The current scenario proves that brands are eyeing this technology to attract more customers, which will increase the demand for it in 2022.

Video marketing: According to research done by Animoto, 93% of participants said that video helps them decide whether or not to buy the product. Videos are engaging that educate the customers about the product and also help a lot in decision-making.

It's incredibly effective at boosting engagement and conversion, and it's showing no sign of slowing down. No wonder why Adam Mosseri (the head of Instagram) said that video is one of the focused key areas on the platform. With the combination of live streams, BTS shots, stories, and feed posts, video marketing is definitely going to be the content winner as we head into 2022.

Consumer psychology: It is vital to know how customers think and act. It gets mandatory to create more personalized and effective posts you think your audience would love. Doing so, it allows you to get a more holistic view of the audience. Okay, so now the question arises - How do you learn consumer psychology? 

Here are ways you can explore to get more insights into your audience:

  • Use interactive Instagram stories to understand what they want
  • Try different subject lines on emails to see which shows a higher opening rate
  • Share a personal story or experience to build the trust
  • Tell stories they can empathize and connect with, which will eventually increase engagement.

Influencer marketing: It's high time you include some sort of influencer marketing for your social media. Collaboration is crucial for overall business growth online. Collaborating with influencers helps gain more brand awareness, reach ideal customers, gain followers' trust, and have a new audience base from the current one.

Influence marketing has immensely grown in recent years. One thing it guarantees is a great ROI. Creators who are already well-established in the market usually cost more. It makes sense to invest in a micro-influencer with a smaller user base but a dedicated and loyal following. They can deliver authentic marketing to a trusting audience. 

Let's wrap up: If you think you can adapt to the changes in the digital realm, digital marketing will receive you in open arms. It's a lifelong learning process whether you either succeed or learn. Now you know which skills are crucial to scale up yourself, tell me, what's stopping you?


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