Top 5 trends in e-Gaming in India

The Indian online gaming industry will add 190 million gamers and become a USD 1 billion opportunity


Soham Thacker , Founder, Gamerji

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In 2017, a KPGM report had stated that the Indian online gaming industry will add 190 million gamers and become a USD 1 billion opportunity by the year 2021. 1 As per the report, there were a number of factors that would contribute to this rapid growth like rising disposable incomes, internet & smartphone penetration, a growing local developer system and the rise of young India. Today, this number has reached INR 62 billion in 2019 (USD 863 million) 2, not far from the USD 1 billion mark set for 2021.

Looking ahead at the coming year, these are the top trends that will further this growth.

Cloud gaming

This form of gaming relies on internet streaming to deliver games to your device, as opposed to downloading or physically installing a game on your system. Reports state that the global cloud gaming market could reach USD 740 million by the year 2025.3 In India, cloud based architecture can provide storage and big data analytics for individual requirements and personalization of games, however, it will only become a possibility with the widespread adoption of high speed internet.


The e-sports industry in India is worth INR 43.8 billion and will be valued at INR 118.8 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 22.1 %. 4 This is because people in a sports- loving nation like India have a point of view regarding the game, its players and the selection of teams, something online gaming platforms give them a chance to implement in the virtual world. When players get to build leagues for sports like hockey, badminton and football, the fun, engaging and competitive nature of the game leads to the growth of the e-sports ecosystem.

Multiplayer Games

People partake in online gaming to relieve their stress and relax while taking small breaks. Multiplayer games like PUBG, Clash Royale and COD allow gamers to interact with other players in a common gaming environment. Reports have even shown that more than 1/3rd gamers are engaged by multiplayer formats as they are given an opportunity for social interaction, where they gain a sense of achievement over other gamers. In fact, as much as 42% of multiplayer gamers are likely to pay INR 200 or more a month to stay in the game, further fuelling the growth of the e-gaming industry. 5

Local Games

With the language users in India expected to rise to 540 million by 2021, gaming content is increasingly being developed keeping the local preferences and languages of the gamers in mind. 6 Additionally, the gamers of today aren’t only from Tier I cities, with people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities steadily becoming a part of the gaming community because of cheap data plans, greater access to the internet and the falling prices of gaming products. 7

The Rise of AR and VR

With the resounding success of Pokémon Go, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can be expected to be seen in online gaming in 2020. Since the AR and VR headsets are likely to become cheaper, we can expect online gaming to become more immersive and engaging.8 In fact, India is ranked 4th in famous global games’ APK downloads, giving developers a chance to introduce mythical theme immersive games that will appeal to the Indian audiences. 9


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