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Hello, today I am going to provide the top 5 web development courses to learn in 2021. These will help you to start your career as a web developer. This post will help you a lot if you are a college student or want to make your car....


Harendra Verma

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Hello, today I am going to provide the top 5 web development courses to learn in 2021. These will help you to start your career as a web developer. This post will help you a lot if you are a college student or want to make your career in web development. These courses are selected on the basis of popularity and my own opinion and experience.

All the courses provided in this list are paid if you want to learn for free so I am going to provide the link below to find out some great free resources –

Top free resouces to start learn web developemnt – Click Here

Table of Contents

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp 2021


  • The ins and outs of HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript for 2021
  • Make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Create responsive, accessible, and beautiful layouts
  • Recognize and prevent common security exploits like SQL-Injection & XSS
  • Continue to learn and grow as a developer, long after the course ends
  • Create a blog application from scratch using Node, Express, and MongoDB.
  • Create a complicated Yelp-like application from scratch
  • Deploy your applications and work with cloud databases
  • Create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites and landing pages
  • Think like a developer. Become an expert at Googling code questions!
  • Create complex HTML forms with validations
  • Implement full authentication from scratch!
  • Use CSS Frameworks including Bootstrap 5, Semantic UI, and Bulma
  • Implement responsive navbars on websites
  • Use JavaScript variables, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, and objects
  • Write Javascript functions, and understand scope and higher-order functions
  • Master the “weird” parts of JavaScript
  • Create full-stack web applications from scratch
  • Manipulate the DOM with vanilla JS
  • Write JavaScript-based browser games
  • Use Postman to monitor and test APIs
  • Use NodeJS to write server-side JavaScript
  • Write complex web apps with multiple models and data associations
  • Write a REAL application using everything in the course
  • Use Express and MongoDB to create full-stack JS applications
  • Use common JS data structures like Arrays and Objects
  • Master the command line interface
  • Use NPM to install all sorts of useful packages
  • Understand the ins and outs of HTTP requests
  • Create your own Node modules
  • Make a beautiful, responsive photographer’s portfolio page
  • Create a beautiful, responsive landing page for a startup
  • Implement user authentication
  • Create a beautifully animated todo list application
  • Create single-page applications with AJAX

Course link –

2. Full-Stack Software Engineer


JavaScriptNode.JSSQLExpress.JSReactTDD, and more…

Course link –

3. The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert!


  • Become an advanced, confident, and modern JavaScript developer from scratch
  • Build 6 beautiful real-world projects for your portfolio (not boring toy apps)
  • Become job-ready by understanding how JavaScript really works behind the scenes
  • How to think and work like a developer: problem-solving, researching, workflows
  • JavaScript fundamentals: variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, etc.
  • Modern ES6+ from the beginning: arrow functions, destructuring, spread operator, optional chaining (ES2020), etc.
  • Modern OOP: Classes, constructors, prototypal inheritance, encapsulation, etc.
  • Complex concepts like the ‘this’ keyword, higher-order functions, closures, etc.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: Event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX calls and APIs
  • How to architect your code using flowcharts and common patterns
  • Modern tools for 2020 and beyond: NPM, Parcel, Babel and ES6 modules
  • Practice your skills with 50+ challenges and assignments (solutions included)
  • Get downloadable lectures and friendly support in the Q&A area
  • Design your unique learning path according to your goals: course pathways

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