Top 6 Mern Stack Benefits

Why You Should Use MERN Stack for Startup Apps?


Varun Bhagat

2 years ago | 3 min read

When building web applications, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of frameworks and libraries you need to learn in order to have any hope of creating a functional app. By using the MERN Stack – which consists of MongoDB, Express, React, and Node – you can create your web application quickly and easily with as little as basic JavaScript knowledge. In this article, we’ll be going over the top 6 benefits you’ll receive from using the MERN Stack.

1) Scalability

PixelCrayons which is a top Mern stack web development company in India offers free dynos which are scalable for apps. For example, if you start with one free Heroku dyno and it becomes slow or has outgrown your app needs, then you can easily scale it up to three dynos on your app by spending some money. This allows you to only spend money when you need more power on your application, which is great because startups don’t always have a lot of cash lying around. As far as PixelCrayons goes, their pay-as-you-go model means that no application charges its customers based on usage (apart from bandwidth charges). Instead, they charge an hourly rate per instance.

2) Performance

When it comes to startup apps, performance is of paramount importance. Unlike legacy or long-running apps, startups need their user experience to be seamless and glitch-free. Using a microservice framework ensures that each layer can perform optimally, while also being scalable and adaptable. In other words, your startup app’s performance is ensured with a MERN stack structure.

3) Ease of Development

If you’re building a website or app for your startup, then there’s no need to settle for anything less than easy development. The platform behind it should be scalable, and at the same time user-friendly to get developers on board quickly. With JavaScript and MongoDB in use, you can achieve just that with Javascript-based MEAN stack apps. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today!

4) Low cost of ownership

Developing a SPA is a more cost-effective choice for startups because it significantly reduces maintenance and support costs. By using a modular codebase, you only have to maintain one back-end—the server-side—and there’s no need to continuously update apps since they all rely on it. Finally, as your team grows, your back-end can grow with it without breaking any of your apps.

5) Support for large projects

What is a large project? It’s one that requires a lot of code. If you want to build something that could one day be as big as Facebook, then MERN stack will certainly come in handy. Once you have set up your development environment with NodeJS, Express, React Native and MongoDB, then just pick any language that you want to use with it.

6) Better community support

React and Node support a high-quality developer community, with all kinds of resources and tools available for free online. Getting lost or having trouble? There’s an answer or solution somewhere on Google, just waiting to be found. The more you know about what you’re doing, and how to do it, the better your app will turn out. Once you get used to all of these resources—and once your project gets big enough—you might even be able to help other coders who come across issues! Bottom line: Stronger communities equal less downtime and fewer headaches down the road. And that can be invaluable when things get chaotic and stressful during development!

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This stack has increased in popularity. The increased usage can be attributed to lower cost, speed and flexibility. These features, combined with its simple setup make it an excellent choice for new startups. However, when compared to alternative stacks like LAMP or MEAN, MERN is relatively new in the market. With time, it will be able to compete with other stacks on similar parameters.


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