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The Top 7 Web Designing Trends for 2022

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design.”-Pixxelznet


Varun Bhagat

4 months ago | 3 min read


Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop, and it continues to grow every year, so keeping up with web design trends can be tough. But who says you need to? Knowing what’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean you have to conform—and maybe that’s not even your goal in the first place! However, we thought it would be fun to examine the top seven web designing trends of 2022 anyway, so let’s get right into it!

1) Transparent Backgrounds

Despite being a long-time standard in print design, transparency has remained somewhat of an afterthought in web design. In recent years, however, we’ve seen more designers experimenting with transparent backgrounds and pushing to make them mainstream. In fact, Google recently announced that it would be allowing sites using certain types of transparent elements to display their content above their backgrounds. This is bound to change what you can do with your site design—and could push more designers toward incorporating transparency as a core component.

2) Animation

Anything that moves is taking over. Animated images, GIFs, and videos are making it easier than ever to catch people’s attention. Meanwhile, micro-interactions in your website or app will give your visitors a sense of delight, which is critical when so many competitors are vying for their attention on mobile devices.

3) Chatbot Support

As more and more people turn to computers to help with their everyday tasks, chatbots have been designed as a way to provide simple questions and answers. Chatbots are different from other AI systems in that they aren’t designed to replace humans, but rather act as an extension of human intelligence. Chatbots have also grown in popularity because they allow companies to communicate directly with customers without having a physical location, giving users much faster responses. For excellent services, you can get in touch with top website designing companies.

4) Typography

Typography is an extremely important aspect of web design that should not be overlooked. Poor font choices can completely ruin a user’s experience, which is why designers and developers must work closely together during each stage of a project. To help you decide which fonts are appropriate for various website elements, here are some design trends to keep in mind.

5) Color Schemes

Many times, choosing a color scheme is a big part of branding. While you can’t be sure what colors will or won’t work until you start designing your site, you can get some ideas for which colors might appeal to your target audience. Keeping track of which colors are in and out can help give your brand an edge.

6) Mobile Friendly Designs

With mobile usage ever-growing, if you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you’re missing out on a huge segment of potential customers. One way to ensure your site is easy to view from a mobile device is to take advantage of responsive design. This creates a website that adapts and changes based on screen size (which can vary from device to device) to maximize usability and make browsing easy no matter what platform someone uses.

7) Bold Fonts With Rounded Letters

While many businesses and organizations continue to embrace traditional font styles, there’s a growing trend towards creativity and differentiation. With bold fonts set against graphics, it’s possible to create a fun and playful brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Aim to be memorable – but not overly cheesy!


In today’s competitive market, your business website must be designed to attract and retain users. With a well-designed website, you have a greater chance of increasing your site’s traffic. Additionally, a good design can help you make money faster! If you want to stand out in today’s marketplace, make sure to consider these seven trends when designing your next website.

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