Top Digital Customer Experience Assurance Tools for Businesses

Digital customer experience assurance tools have become critical for business enterprises to understand and address customer pain points. These help them predict customer behavior, resolve their queries quickly, and deliver an all-round superior experience across touchpoints.


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The customer experience (CX) has become the lynchpin for driving success for businesses across domains. However, it is difficult to achieve given the plethora of touchpoints for customer interaction with a brand. It is a challenge to deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience that improves customer retention and drives customer loyalty. It has been observed that businesses with a higher Net Promoter Score grow faster and meet their objectives. No wonder they are focusing on improving the digital customer experience by utilizing a digital customer experience assurance platform.

It allows them to collect information related to customer interactions with the brand, followed by analyzing them and drawing suitable business insights. Remember, the bottom line of a company can improve significantly with a commensurate improvement in CX, thereby positively impacting customer retention and increasing up-selling and cross-selling.

Any customer experience assurance platform helps businesses garner customer feedback and actionable insights to drive sales and retention rates. So, it is important for businesses to emotionally connect with their customers and offer them a great onboarding experience. The following are the top digital experience monitoring tools that businesses can use to offer customer satisfaction, drive brand advocacy, and increase revenue:

Top Digital Customer Experience Assurance Tools for Businesses

Any digital experience assurance tool should be intuitive, flexible, and provide an attractive UI, a quick learning curve, better integration with other CRM or ERP software, and value for money. The top five customer experience assurance tools are described below:

  1. SurveySparrow: Its omnichannel approach to feedback allows businesses to monitor customer trends and turn customers into brand promoters. SurveySparrow enables businesses to reach their target audiences irrespective of the medium – QR CODE, email, weblink, and others. It helps automate customers’ feedback loops and generates personalized workflows to silence detractors. Its case management feature, when combined with the NPS tool, provides excellent customer support. It can easily integrate with other tools such as Freshdesk, Power BI, Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, and HubSpot.
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  3. Medallia: This AI-powered and cloud-based digital experience platform uses text analytics to assist testers in understanding the reasons for scores and uncovering sentiment and satisfaction drivers across data points. Based on deep learning, it recommends actions that are likely to have the maximum impact. Its risk scoring technique finds dissatisfied customers and identifies the reasons behind their behavior.
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  5. Incight: This AI-driven digital customer experience platform with the capability to perform enhanced user sentiment analysis helps businesses to boost their app reviews and retention rates. Incight allows business stakeholders to derive a 360-degree view of customer insights across touchpoints. Besides capturing customer sentiment, it predicts device and network performance. This enables businesses to apply correctives to the app before the ratings drop. Incight helps capture and monitor parameters beyond accessibility and usability to perform a scan of the signal strength, phone battery, software updates, network, device, and others. It does so to determine the quality of CX when customers use a particular application or device. Incight contributes to better business outcomes by enabling real-time visibility of the customer experience. To visit the website, click here
  6. Zoho CRMPlus: This platform to measure digital customer experience delivers superior CX by integrating marketing, sales, and customer service teams in one interface. By providing a 360-degree view of customers, it helps businesses manage customer interaction across processes, touchpoints, and channels. Zoho CRMPlus has popular features such as built-in AI, chatbots, and unified analytics. It can be easily connected to other software applications, namely, Google Workspace, MailChimp, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Slack, Duocom, Salesforce, and Twilio.
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    5.Genesys: Through an easy-to-use Genesys Cloud tool, this unified and cloud-based digital customer experience assurance platform connects chat, phone, social, and email. It provides a 360-degree view of customers and has features such as outbound campaigns to help increase business productivity. Moreover, the tool provides scale and flexibility to increase the competitiveness of businesses. Its open architecture allows easy integration with existing systems to craft better, empathetic, and personalized customer experiences.

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