Top Java Frameworks Used For Web Development

Top Java Frameworks You Should Use For Web Development. This blog will help you pick the most suitable Java tool for web app development.


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Java offers multiple benefits on the web, Android, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning projects, and this is the main reason why most businesses, whether it is startups, SMEs, or large enterprises, prefer using it for Web app development.

There are millions of websites, including a few big brands like Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, and Stack Overflow, using Java technology.

So, to help you out in this, here I have listed the few most popular and recommended Java frameworks. Let’s move further to know more about it.

7 The Great Java Frameworks

Frameworks are tools that have predefined code and act as a template, which can be reutilized to create web applications faster, loading the code as needed. This allows you to program the application without framing each code line again and again from scratch.

Few Java frameworks are somehow difficult to understand, and in this case, you can hire a Java developer from the best Java development company; this will help you make accurate use of complex to small level frameworks and create robust web apps.

From the list of the best Java tools mentioned here, you can choose any of the Java tools suitable to your project.

1. Spring

It is one of the most popular Java frameworks, mainly known for its agility, simplicity, and potency. This tool is chiefly used to create enterprise-level web applications. The frameworks Spring MVC and Spring Boot features make it more advanced.

2. Java Server Faces (JSF)

It is the Java-based web app framework mainly used for Java web development. JSF is maintained by Oracle technology that mainly simplifies creating user interfaces for JavaServer applications. The framework’s main goal is to encapsulate various client-side technologies and focus extra on the performance and displaying layer.

3. Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

It is a well-known framework of Java for website development. This Java tool is formed by Google mainly employed by businesses to build high-performing and complex web applications. Google Web Toolkit transforms Java code into JavaScript code; this is one of the leading features of this tool.

4. Vaadin

This Java framework allows the creation of multi-featured and complex-level web apps. Vaadin framework enables DOM access straight from the Java virtual machine. Moreover, it allows you to use recovered elements with other frontend JavaScript (JS) technologies such as Vue and React.

5. Grails

It is one of the best Java automation testing frameworks built on the MVC design pattern. This object-oriented tool benefits enterprises in boosting productivity, and it uses Groovy programming language. The tool related to Java for web development is fully compatible with Java syntax.

To know more about the top Java frameworks you can read this blog:


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