Top Travel Marketing Trends Of 2021

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Coronavirus came into this world and turned it upside down. No aspect of human life remains the same as it was before the pandemic.

With people locked inside their homes, things out there have changed a lot. Some for good and some for not so good. Amongst this pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry got affected the most. Luckily, with the vaccine being rolled out, there is still hope.

But, let’s face it, things won’t go to normal that easy, but here are a few things marketers ought to consider this year when it comes to marketing strategies.

SEO is still the King

COVID 19 pandemic has affected the daily habits so much that people are now being inspired, searching, and buying online more than ever before. It is found that when users search online for given keywords in your area, expertise on that topic or type of experience has become more important than ever.

The big players in the travel industry will continue to spend on Google Ads but, they are still required to have a mobile-optimized website. The most important factors that still matter are quick load time, fresh, relevant content, domain authority, relevant URLs, and quality internal & external links for a great optimized website.

Google covers a whopping 92 percent of the global search market which means it is essential to manage the presence on Google My Business to make sure that relevant and useful content comes up to the screen whenever users search on Google.

Empathy Over Promotions

The first wave of coronavirus silence a lot of conversing brands on social media. Others were sending out newsletters like there was some hope of a better tomorrow.

During the pandemic, brands that showed empathy in their communication, instead of talking about sales, and promoting their content, hit that sweet spot that all marketers crave. Thanking your audience for supporting your business, or tagging a local company, supplier, or product is always a good idea.

Safety Always Comes First

If you own a hotel, restaurant, resort, or any other property where guests come for leisure, then their safety should be your top priority. Serve alcoholic sanitizers as welcome drinks to anyone and everyone checking-in because coronavirus is extremely contagious.

This is now the right thing to do to save yourself and your customers from grave danger. And travel marketers could also benefit from these precautionary measures taken by hoteliers and restaurant owners by showcasing how their organization has adapted its experience to cater to these evolving wants and needs.

This kind of information should be found easily on any organization’s key digital platforms: website, social media, newsletters, Google My Business, etc.

Flexible Bookings

In 2020, with sudden lockdown, many customers lost their money and deposits on their trips due to stringent cancellation fees and restrictions in place with airlines, car rental companies, hotel chains, or cruise lines.

Now is the chance for the travel industry to regain customer confidence. As the reports suggest, travelers now seek flexible booking conditions on everything from flights to hotels and from travel experiences to car rentals.

With the uncertainty of the third wave of coronavirus, can we ensure reservations flowing in at a steady pace? No, right? But, relaxing some of the booking conditions might help.

Instagram Is The Best SM Platform

According to recent reports, top brands are now performing much better on Instagram than Facebook. More reach, more engagement, and fewer posts. Amazing right?

For brands related to travel, Instagram is the right platform for storytelling and communicating with the target audience. It has features that can help attractions, hotels, and restaurants get noticed by their target group.

Stories on Instagram are a great way to converse with travelers. Reels have a good reach to the younger audience with their Tik-Tok-like experience. Carousel posts and videos also outperform the regular posts.

2021 is going to be the year of the smaller travel businesses and hospitality brands making their move to social media. Head to Adotrip for more interesting information related to travel and hospitality. You can also book the cheapest flight tickets, hotels, bus rides, and tour packages.


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