Tourmaline- An alternative to October Birthstone, aka Opal gemstone

Tourmalines are widely popular stones that possess the most varieties in the shade, and every shade has similar physicality but distinct astrological perks.


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Tourmaline Stone

What are Tourmaline stones?

Tourmalines are widely popular stones that possess the most varieties in the shade, and every shade has similar physicality but distinct astrological perks. Due to the available color varieties, these stones have high demand in the gemstone and jewelry market. Tourmaline stone is referred to by different names in different languages, such as Turmuli in Hindi and Turmalina in Spanish. This stone is often utilized as an alternative for October birthstones and is most suited for people from the Libra sun sign.

Tourmalines are often easily available in small sizes under 5 ct; hence they are priced reasonably. However, if you are looking for a bigger stone or rarer shade, then the price goes high. The average Tourmaline prices in the US starts at 12 USD and goes to 1815 USD a carat.

Numerous factors such as mining place, transparency, shade, brilliance and cut help evaluate the value of Tourmalines. Its amazing color variety has made this stone highly coveted in the international market. Hence it is necessary to consider all the above-mentioned factors when looking to purchase a Tourmaline stone. A natural good quality Tourmaline possesses a shiny appearance, fewer flaws and a decent cut.

Different Origins of Tourmaline stones

Tourmalines from Paraiba in Brazil are the most renowned and pricey among Tourmalines from other origins. Blue and green-colored varieties of Tourmaline from Paraiba get their name from their origin place. The most high-quality Tourmalines of different colors are mined from Brazil, Madagascar and Africa. Whereas other origins of gem-quality Tourmalines include India, Afghanistan, Canada, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Ceylon, USA and Thailand.

Tourmaline’s quality attributes


These brilliant gems occur in multiple shades, among which rare and rich-colored gemstones are highly costly. Tourmalines are valued for their rarity and unique attributes. Stones that possess extremely dark shades are priced lower due to bad quality. However, even pale-colored Tourmalines are more valuable than lab-made Tourmalines with a better intensity of shades.


Among all color varieties of Tourmaline, the green-colored one is considered purest as they do not contain noticeable flaws. Blue, red, purple and orange color varieties possess few eye-visible inclusions that may be accepted. However, red and watermelon Tourmalines possess the worst quality and cost less as compared to other Tourmalines.


The most common Tourmaline cuts available in the gemstone market are rectangle and narrow, whereas fancy cuts such as princess are also available for Tourmalines.

Carat Weight

Tourmalines occurring in large sizes cost higher as their availability is uncommon. Getting large gems assists in cutting out any shape you want, which makes them more beneficial. Tourmalines that go beyond 5 ct fetch higher prices.

Benefits of Tourmaline crystals

Tourmaline is a highly coveted gemstone that is available in a variety of shades. This auspicious gem offers safety and emotional balance. A natural Tourmaline gemstone used to be worn to get safety and comfort from various kinds of illnesses since the olden days. Tourmalines' extraordinary cosmic abilities help the wearer in staying healthy and fit. There are some other benefits as well that have been provided underneath.

Body detoxification

Astrologers think that Tourmalines are excellent detoxifying agents that remove impurities from the body of the possessor. These stones also bring about positive vibes, fortune and joy in an individual's life.

Prevent sleeping issues

Possessing a Tourmaline gemstone is highly suggested to people dealing with sleeping issues like insomnia. The soothing energy of Tourmaline stone assists the wearers in enhancing focus, providing quality sleep and staying true to themselves. As per people from ancient times, possessing a Black Tourmaline helps in negating bad energies and promoting positivity.

Boost immune power

According to various professional-level sports persons possessing a Tourmaline can boost endurance and recovery. The healing abilities of the Tourmaline stone assist in purifying various organs such as the kidney and liver. Also, these stones are helpful in reducing weight and relieving stress.

Where to buy Natural and Untreated Tourmalines in the US

Navratan, the online gem bazaar, has a wide variety of natural Tourmaline crystals that have different shades and origins. You can easily purchase your preferred Tourmaline in the US from our webstore without any hassle of checking authenticity or treatment, as we provide gemstone certificates for every gemstone that we sell, making your shopping experience quite convenient.


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