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The real question though is if this lifestyle feasible going into the future? What does the future hold for Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers?


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We’d all probably be lying if we fail to admit that not even once in our life have we imagined a future which is all about travelling to all around the world while telling our “epic” tales to millions of followers on our blogs and vlogs while earning money for travelling further.

The real question though is if this lifestyle feasible going into the future? What does the future hold for Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers?

In this article, we’ll explore these questions together.


If you have already established your goal or are even remotely curious about being successful in this industry, then this might be for you.

In this day and age where every other person owns and operates a blog, it takes something really special, something different to grab the attention of the audience and make them visit your site. There are simply too many of them doing the same thing and many more are starting each day, so when the audience witnesses a different approach they get attracted.

It is not all about hard work and perseverance these days, it’s more about creativity, writing skills and how naturally travelling and writing comes to you. So while you have to do some necessary things like SEOs, promotions, marketing like all other, maybe with more dedication and hard work if your blog is still new so as to compete with the big boys who have money power and collaborations.
Travel and lifestyle blogger. Image: LivvyLand
Travel and lifestyle blogger. Image: LivvyLand

But when it comes to the main thing that is writing and presenting your blog, it needs to be different, something in your style, something that’s never been seen or tried in mass. This will define your identity apart from the rest and people will remember you.

There is no shortcut to being successful in the blogging industry especially when it comes to popular genres like Travel and Lifestyle and trial and error plus being genuine is the name of the game to be successful.


To be honest, seeing the way the number of “bloggers” and “influencers” are increasing by the day, it has become difficult and is expected to become a lot harder as the time progresses. All of the bloggers and influencers will have to fight for the limited keywords, meta SEOs, and search engine space where the keywords are mostly similar for all.

Established bloggers will get a hold because of their money and promotion strategies while those starting are going to find it increasingly difficult to establish themselves and make a mark on the internet.

Many experts and experienced travel bloggers have predicted this explosion of “wannabe” bloggers and influencers as the ultimate obituary of the Travel and Lifestyle blogging as a whole. Though I beg to differ, indeed, such overpopulation where most people don’t generally know what they are doing will bring more bad than good to this otherwise amazing career path.

So in future, the only thing that is going to make a difference is how different and genuine you are in your approach.


Industry Competition isn’t the only challenge that will be faced by bloggers going into the future, some other defining challenges may hamper this industry once and for all. Some of these challenges are:

Travel bloggers. Image: Pinterest
Travel bloggers. Image: Pinterest

Climate change and global warming remain the topmost challenge for both the tourism industry and travel bloggers because it can destroy the most beautiful places on earth and it is only going to get worse. Venice is the best-known place threatened by Climate Change.

  • Political Red Tapes: With global tensions getting heated once again around the world coupled with the recent migrant crisis in the western half of the world, it has started to become even more difficult to get visas and travel permits especially if you are not from a powerful country.
  • Over tourism: Maya Bay is the best example of this. Over tourism has resulted in the closure of the world’s most popular beach in Maya Bay and with increasing population and year by year, closure of places will become more and more common.


Although the future looks grim for the industry, I somewhere still believe that this industry will survive and retain its charm despite everything. Challenges and problems will increase that’s for sure but they will reveal the persistent and able ones while acting as growth stimulators.


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