Some trending technologies that can up your game in Digital Marketing

Migrating to new technologies may be difficult and initially feels like time-consuming but they have a better and meaningful impact in connecting.


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Digital Marketing came into action when biggies like Google, Facebook, and Youtube went head-on in the digital world to capitalize on easy access to a larger number of probable customers. These companies have paved the way and are now controlling the basic ethos of marketing like, how the marketers receive and collect data and how you can reach your customers.

With the everyday change of technology for the betterment of the human world, a lot of marketing processes and disciplines in the digital world are getting automated.

Migrating to new technologies may be difficult and initially feels like time-consuming but they have a better and meaningful impact in connecting, engaging and retaining your customers and gives an impression of personal touch to an individual.

These technologies will give a new and improved platform for marketers to enjoy a more cost-effective approach to their target market.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Today, technologies are changing the course of Digital Marketing and I bet we all have become wiser about researching the new technology in the digital world itself and deciding about to invest in any new technology that comes our way or not. Let’s just relax and consider a few upcoming technologies which principally will improve the connectivity which will give us much more elasticity and control in data collection.

Let’s ponder on them:


Oh!! The name itself gives me a feeling of some sci-fi movie. Calculation and Reasoning applied to algorithmic data will assist us in making more accurate and faster marketing decisions. It will enhance customer profiling and interaction and will help us strategize more customer-centric tactics.


This is my favorite!! It’s a two-way channel. Through this, you not only give a great platform to interact with your customers 24/7 but they can learn more about you. Today, chatbots can deal with any difficult scenario and brands who invest in chatbots have an edge in the digital market.


The boss!! We all know it’s the collection of all the customers (even you and me) to provide detailed and accurate profiling. Through the help of cloud data, you can get a comprehensive insight into your brand campaign. Today, corporates enjoy large and systematized data about their customers than before helping them to enhance their ad campaigning styles. The future holds a promising world of attribution models to calculate accurate conversion rates and optimization of advertising and video marketing.


Now we are talking!!! Voice search is not a very active technology but is gaining its momentum. It’s on the way to be an integral part of SEO. For this, marketers will need to understand the search requests from the customers through their conversational queries rather than in typed forms.


Oh, the experience!!! The world out there!!! We are very money-oriented when it comes to buying a new product and can get a bit paranoid when are faced with something new. VR and AR are specifically used for such scenarios. It offers an instinctual experience-before-you-buy, allowing the customers to understand and explore the product, engage with the brand and buy the product at the very same time. It can be used for providing interactive experiences too.


To gather information about the customer’s habits, their purchasing capacities or their preferences. Biometric data provided by the sensor technology of the wearables can be used to gather more information about the customer’s interaction with the brand.


Information and data can now be collected on how a customer interacts with the brand at various touchpoints and keep a tracking record of their online search behavior.


No matter what new technological advances we experience in our day, the focus should be on the technology that warrants mass adoption. Truth to be told, the marketers may not consider all the technological changes but can just keep an eye on the undercurrent of the digital market and make the best of it. Some technologies can be overwhelming and unsettling, yet some can be stimulating and refreshing the market however, there are some technologies that need our attentive emphasis now.

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