The True Cost of Mobile App Maintenance in 2022 (And Why It's Worth It)

Read in this blog, The True Cost of Mobile App Maintenance in 2022 (And Why It's Worth It)



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The average cost of mobile app maintenance in 2022 will be $5,000 per month, according to recent research from Gartner. While that may seem like a lot at first glance, there are good reasons why companies should be willing to fork over the money to ensure that their apps run smoothly, and also have access to future updates when they become available. These three reasons are worth considering if you're considering creating an app or updating your current one in the near future.

How Much Does A Professional Apple Developer Charge?

According to a study by Triplebyte, a company that matches talented software engineers with companies hiring developers, software engineers can charge anywhere from $120-180 per hour. So to break it down, you'll be looking at about $2,000-$3,600 for each developer you hire. Of course, some project work will need more than one developer to get the job done; so how much does this cost? Depending on the complexity of your project and how long it takes for your mobile app development company to finish the project for you, it could run anywhere from $5,000-$10 million. In total though, professional Apple developers can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $10 million-- although most projects fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

How Much Do Android Developers Charge Per Hour?

For many small businesses, hiring mobile app developers to develop and maintain a mobile app is an important but expensive part of the overall strategy. One common misconception about what it takes to have a functional, profitable app is that a single developer can do all the work. Actually, you'll need to hire several different developers and even more importantly, you'll need to find a mobile app development company that has worked with your type of business before because they will be familiar with its needs. As well as choosing the right developers for your project, it's also crucial to choose a web design agency who knows how to code apps for Android devices. If you're looking for someone who offers maintenance services as well as one-time projects, there are plenty of agencies out there who offer maintenance packages at set intervals or on an ad hoc basis.

How Much Does Front-End Web Development Cost?

A front-end web developer is responsible for the look and feel of your website. They are responsible for coding it, graphics, and the functionality. Front-end developers can either be self-employed or work with a company that hires them out on contract basis. To find the best prices and most qualified people, you have to look at four different factors: where they're located, how many hours they charge per week, their experience level, and what type of work they specialize in.

1. How Much Does Front-End Web Development Cost?

2. The cost will depend on where the developer is located, how many hours per week they want to be hired for and what kind of development you need.

How Much Does Backend Web Development Cost?

Starting a mobile app is one thing, but you also need to consider the cost for maintaining your backend web development. This can be difficult to anticipate when you are starting your company because it is difficult to determine how many hours you will need for maintenance. On average, though, with between $5 and $10 an hour for hiring mobile apps developers, these costs are reasonable when compared to the costs of an employee that would have fixed compensation plus benefits. A good number of people who start their own companies as solo entrepreneurs find themselves too stretched out to handle all aspects of their business. They need to hire outside help in order to cover some tasks, such as server management or back-end work, so they can continue doing what they do best--creating a successful product.

What Other Things Should I Consider?

When considering whether or not you should hire mobile app developers, consider the true cost of your own maintenance. You'll want to think about how much time it takes for each change and update on the app, how much new code would be needed for that change, and how many app users need this same update to get the full benefits. What you may find is that with the help of a mobile app development company, your updates can happen quicker and more efficiently. As an example, let's say that you have a game on your iPhone.

If there are bug fixes coming out every week, they will only fix them if they're easy enough to fix. But if they make the game easier to play and there are no bugs in it anymore, then everyone who has this particular game on their phone will also have access to these changes automatically - no matter when they download the update! And even if someone misses one of these updates, they'll still get most of them since almost all bug fixes come out through automatic software upgrades.


It is clear that the mobile app market is one that is only going to get bigger and bigger. But what you might not know, is that your business may be operating without an operating system or software which can drastically change the dynamics of a company's success. Start by picking a web app platform and install it on your devices; use this opportunity to upgrade any old devices that may have outdated apps installed. Once this step has been completed, set up key analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst; this will allow you to measure KPIs for your site and create goals for your future business.


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