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If You Truly Love Someone, You’ll Make Compromises For Them

You can give without loving. But you can’t truly love without giving


Joshua Idegbere

4 months ago | 2 min read


Love is best expressed in giving

You can give without loving. But you can’t truly love without giving| PEXEL

One of my girlfriend's friends felt so bad one day because of a few things my babe told her she had to do because of me.

For the next few weeks, she started feeding my girlfriend with toxic pieces of advice and suggesting she break up with me.

"Babes, remember you said you'll never go that length for a guy, most of whom are only there long enough to get what they want and leave you for another girl. Open your eyes and stop being deceived by this guy."

My babe thought through all that her friend have told her. In the end, she kept her stand.

" I have known Josh for a few years now. He's not the kind of guy you think he is. Even though he's not perfect, I don't think he's so cruel and crooked."

Giving is proof of love.

Listen to me

There is nothing wrong with giving to your partner or making compromises for them.

Absolutely nothing.

Instead, there's everything wrong when you hold back, even when they're in need.

As stinginess is a basic trait that pervades one's entire personality, it causes ongoing damage to a relationship. Generally, beginning with money, stinginess tends to develop into a lack of kindness, respect, and mutuality of care.

In a relationship marked by the stinginess of one partner, both partners suffer.¹

Giving is the proof of love.

Even if you can give without loving, you can't truly love someone and not give. I mean, give something you ordinarily won't give or go some length you won't go for someone else.

Love is only expressed through giving. If there is no giving, there is no evidence that love exists. The only proof of love is giving.

Don't hold back!

A relationship is two bodies in one soul. Anything you do for your partner is an investment toward your relationship success.

It is never a waste.

Just one thing you did for your partner out of love may be what will earn you their commitment for years to come. People usually never forget those who help them during a dire need.

"If she could do this for me, then I will spend all my life loving her no matter what!"

Do something that will get your partner to that point. When you see a need, don't look away; do something to get them out and back to their feet.

You'll secure a place in their heart that only a few people can reach. And there is no better place to be in your partner's life.

If you have been holding back before now, let today be the beginning of a new you to your partner. Wow them with your sincere generosity and heart-felt compromises.

You won't regret it.

To your success in relationship,



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