The Truth of A Sale.

A sale is all about impulse and emotion.


Dedrick C.

2 years ago | 1 min read

When buying and selling products, almost everyone thinks a purchase is made because of the item’s quality, quantity, performance, and luxury. From a logical perspective, it also makes sense that “we get what we pay for” in sales and life. The truth of a “sale” is that people buy services and products out of emotion. Think about it. For example, an entrepreneur worked seven days a week for three straight years and finally became a multi-millionaire. So now that they have merited the money they dreamed of having, they buy a half-million dollar car. 

Yes, the car is a half million dollars and is one of the rarest cars with a bit of luxury, performance, and quality. But although the car is worth the money, the entrepreneur is more than likely buying the freedom success brings. They are also buying an item that exemplifies their success to others. In some cases, motivate others to do the same. The entrepreneur bought the car because of financial freedom and the symbolic meaning of their hustle. Those who are on the outside looking in are sold on appearance. It’s a sale both ways. 

Another example would be an individual donating to a charity. Charitable donations are the selling of services or deeds carried out to help those in need. In terms of charitable donations, it may not seem like a sale, but it is. Here is why. A sale is an exchange for a commodity for monetary value, but a donation is the same. The genuine exchange is the emotional connection to the cause the charity seeks to change through logical applications. The only exchange is the hope of saving lives by giving gift contributions. Sold. 

All in all, consumers buy products and goods based on emotion, not logic. We are emotional creatures driven by impulse. All you need is a product or service that serves to not only help others but change the world. Thank you for joining mine!


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