The Truth Will Set You Free

What is your truth?


Vance Larson CHt

a year ago | 2 min read

I was meditating the other day. I know, shocker. But I started to think about truth and change. And in reality, I think our truth {well at least mine} changes over the course of time. As I was meditating on this, these surfaced to me as my truth at age 56. Some are a far cry from what I used to believe. So in no particular order, this is how my thought process played out.

I will almost always opt to make memories over money. While I do very much appreciate being financially blessed the past couple of years, I still would opt to make memories. I have so much new business and am in demand, but I still find time to travel every month with my wife, or even build in nap time most days. Because I burn the candle on both ends, it has become clear that down time and memories have become my savior. 

Never really been a big burn the bridge fan. That still holds true. I opt to give people the benefit of the doubt. We are only as good as our circle. So for me, I try to salvage what once was a good relationship. Even if we have drifted apart, I still like to keep the door open for reconnecting. One never knows...

There was a meme on Facebook the other day that said, "Fool me once, fuck you. I like to keep it simple." With that in mind, I do like to keep the door open for reconnecting. But...once I know, I know. And I have no problems burning that bridge to the fucking ground. Why? Because although I value connections, I can silently bless and love you, but do it from a distance. You need not be loyal to your past, especially if it has not been kind to you. Go and plant seeds in different fields.

Bad days are just opportunities to prove your truth. Everyone believes in something. But, you never really know its true, unless it has been fully tested. This based off the saying that anyone can be a holy man on top of a mountain. But place that man in the city, with all those pressures and we'll see just how holy he is. Ever meet someone who believes in God, then tragedy strikes and all of a sudden, God is not so good. Embrace bad days. They will teach you your truth. 

Just because someone invites you to a gunfight, doesn't mean you have to go.

It really does help to know that everyone has "stuff". By realizing this, you need not take everything so personal. Just because someone invites you to a gunfight, doesn't mean you have to go. Short of laying your hands on me, peace is more important than being right. Go ahead and take the win. I'll be over here in the corner sleeping soundly. 

And lastly, you can't always make it about yourself, or you'll be by yourself. Life is so much grander when we give. Like I just said, go ahead, let others win. You'll be happier, they'll be happier. And happy goes where happy is. 

So what is your truth? How do you know it is truth? Just because you were taught something as a child or in college, doesn't mean it is still relevant today. Truth comes from within. Deep dive into yourself. Because the truth will set you free.


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Vance Larson CHt

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, now working as a Life Coach, case manager and consultant. My coaching services primarily focus on personal development, self worth and relationships. I'm also an author and write for several weekly columns.







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