How I Try to Use Logic within Meaningful Work

What does logic do for us in times like this?


Trevor Huffman

3 years ago | 2 min read

The meaning of your progress is important, I’ve realized lately.

Which is where logic comes in and tries to help.

Or hurt.

But lately, I’m not logically making sense of much of this COVID-19 life. Of my return to America. Of what I should do when I wake up without any structure or responsibility. Or income. Or home.

But the truth is, this is a perfect time to reflect on what gives me meaning.

This is my time to recreate my definition of meaningful progress.

“The secret to amazing performance is empowering talented people to succeed at meaningful work.” -Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer

Like, how do we logically handle living in a pandemic, isolate ourselves, stop doing our meaningful work, stop going into work, stop playing with our friends and co-workers, move back from wherever we were to whatever we before this?

How does a human logically fit the pieces of their life’s work, career, health, mental health, love, relationships, and puzzle together if they don’t find logical ways to keep doing it?

Like most humans, I’m struggling with the logic of this pandemic and what my life will look like going forward.

What do we do next, like literally?

Where do we focus our creative efforts in isolation?

How do we raise kids from home, find ways to play, and focus on making meaningful progress?

What does logic do for us in times like this?

Logic should help create a system of meaningful work that is habituated and holds you accountable.

Logic won’t help you figure out the meaningful stuff as much as it will help you stick and hold yourself accountable within the meaningful stuff.
To have a meaningful life, one must reflect on the what their meaningful stuff is — first. Then logic is a system of reasoning that holds us accountable to do the meaningful stuff.

This is how good things happen in the world of pro basketball. If we figure out what the meaningful stuff is first, and we find a way to systemize it, we can then focus on executing the system over and over.

This leaves us more time to connect, relax, hobb-ify, game, travel, love, build relationships, and balance productivity with all the other stuff.

When we systemize “doing” our meaning day after day, the momentum starts.

Taking a step towards logically thinking about a system that requires your daily meaningful work — is meaningful progress!

Small steps, wins, or victories of meaningful progress day after day is a win in my book.

Celebrate those small wins.

I know I will.



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