How to Tune Your Brain for Success

Can you think your way to success? Is this one of those crazy concepts? Not at all; your mindset has a lot to do with your life. I explain.


Lauren Clarke

3 years ago | 4 min read

At this point you should understand how the law of attraction works. Meaning the procedure or technique on how to make whatever you want to happen in your life, whenever you want. The interesting thing when considering the training balance scale is that the techniques or procedures are completely irrelevant.

When you’re implementing the law of attraction/training balance scale, one must bear in mind that this is not a race. Everybody’s different. Some people believe that they can become a millionaire by the age of thirty. Or when they’re twelve! And some people will never believe it.

Most people live their whole lives looking at their radar screen looking at what they can only see on that screen. And this is why people fail. Because they base all their decisions and beliefs on what is within their limited vision. You can imagine that the radar screen is three inches in diameter.

However, I want you to consider that there’s 100 feet of additional area outside of the screen. The actual area is one hundred feet in diameter. However you’re only seeing a 3-inch diameter screen. The vast majority of what is available is off the radar screen. You can’t even imagine it.

Activate your belief!

However once you start activating a high level of belief, everything outside of the radar screen starts shifting and moving.

Do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and feeling how excited you are about your day? Jump out of bed singing for no reason? Musing how wonderful life is? How exciting it is to experience all the incredible things today in life?

Do you go throughout your day being mindful; observing and taking things in? Looking at the tree outside? Looking at far away things, the sky, and the clouds? The majority of people would say this is not the case.

Most people are not positive, enthusiastic, and happy which is a key element to success. If you’re prone to "having the blues", you need to take control, develop new neural pathways/thought patterns, and shake those blues away. If not, you’ll just continue to attract more of what you don’t want.

How does one achieve the high level of belief? You need to define what you want however it has to be something you can believe in. In addition, you must have as a goal in your subconscious to always feel good right now. Not tomorrow. Now.

To define it more clearly, your goal should be to feel good and keep feeling better; because you have to be going toward something. Does this make sense? Use your feelings as your guide or gauge to see if you are lining up properly. To find out if you are in the "sweet spot".

Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels

Happiness is not a destination

Based on your experience, current situation, and a myriad of different reasons, your specific definition of feeling good will fluctuate daily/weekly/monthly. Some people just want to feel secure because maybe they’ve been dealing with a lot of insecurity. And some may want the feeling of contentment. Some want to feel loved.

Because you miss hugs and feeling appreciated, so you’re craving that feeling. And some may want to feel exhilaration because perhaps you feel bored. And you’re really craving a more exciting life. There isn’t a right or wrong "good" feeling.

Most people who are depressed, are either dwelling in the past or waiting for the future. Happiness is not a destination. No matter what the experience you are desiring, the key is you want to always feel good right now. This is your major indicator that you are on track. Remember this.

So when you’re defining your dream with a high level of belief, you can either be specific, or be general. Hypothetically speaking, perhaps you were to go to a restaurant and you look at the menu. You need to decide what you want so you can order it. You could tell the server to just bring you some food, and then you’d get some food.

Of course, the food may not be exactly to your liking. However if you want something specific you can ask for something specific from the menu, order it, and exactly what you wanted will come to you. To elaborate, you could be specific and say you want a brand new Tesla.

You could start having a burning desire for it, so much so, that the intensity of the transmission your thoughts are broadcasting are very high. You’re thinking about it all the time so the broadcast is frequent and the duration long. Therefore the brand new Tesla should come right into your experience somehow.

Then you say to yourself, "Wait a minute. I can’t afford a Tesla!" And suddenly at that point, you’ve sadly crossed over to the wrong side of the training balance scale. You don’t have to know HOW. You simply just have to believe it will be so. Releasing old, limiting thought patterns refers us back to the teachability index and one’s willingness to change.

Get started now!

There‘s no time like the present to get started. Start taking a personal inventory of your own thoughts and feelings. Understand what changes need to be made to de-clutter your mind.

Learn to apply all the techniques discussed to fine tune your thinking, and I promise you will begin to see speedy and spectacular results.

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