Two Powerful Habits to Put You in the Top 0.01% (100% Automated)

“When you automate as much of your life as you possibly can, you can spend your mental energy on the tasks machines cannot yet do." — James Clear, Atomic Habits


Mike Cardona 🤖

2 years ago | 2 min read

As a digital content creator, you know how vital it is to see your efforts pay off.But without assessing your progress, it's hard to know if you're on the right track or if you need to make changes.

In aviation, there’s a rule called the 1 in 60 rule. This rule says that for every 60 miles flown, a 1-degree heading error will cause a plane to miss its target by 1 mile.

There’s a direct correlation between this concept and the trajectory of our lives.

As Sahil Bloom puts it,

“Tiny deviations from the optimal course are amplified by distance and time. A small miss now creates a very large miss later. This highlights the need for real-time course corrections and adjustments. We need a simple ritual to assess our course and make any necessary adjustments.”

This is why adding weekly and monthly check-ins to your life is crucial.

But it's hard to build (and stick to) these "check-in habits" unless you have a system...

Despite owning and using numerous productivity planners, none fit my (Mike) workflow.Whenever I’ve used a physical planner or notebook, I ran into the following issues:

  • Trying to remember to log my activities every week or month was a hassle.
  • What if I didn't have my notebook because I have something to do or be somewhere? I had to remember to carry it with me at all times.
  • Sometimes I’d forget or snooze for later, but when later comes, I'm lying down… and I had to get up, go to my desk, etc.

Too much friction.So in this week's Letter, we’re sharing a way to automate this entire process so you can...

  • Do your weekly and monthly reviews in a few minutes—no matter where you are
  • Track your progress in a single place (no physical notebooks necessary!)
  • And quickly get back on track whenever you fall off

Ready to put your weekly and monthly check-ins on autopilot?

We got you covered!As usual, this edition of the Busy to Leveraged Letter comes with:

  • A free template of this automation (so you can get the same results without having to build anything yourself)
  • And a checklist to help you “install” the template in less than 10 minutes (so you don’t waste time “figuring things out”).

Click here to grab your free copy of the template and the checklist.

You’ll need to be on a desktop to be able to install your free copy of the template. If you’re reading from a mobile device, bookmark this email (or the link above), so you can return to it later!And if you need help or have any questions, just hit reply and let us know!Hope this was helpful.

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