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Generally, two methods of hair transplants are done known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Engrace Clinics, Jaipur is best in hair transplant. According to the experts, in FUE Hairtrans plant in Jaipur involves taking the individual follicular units from the head's back one by one by trimming around it through a minor specific machine and uprooting them. The last technique is finished by embedding individual grafts in the infected region of major hair loss. 

Sessions for the FUE method of hair transplant in Jaipur can be covered in one long single session, or several small settings. Results of FUE harvesting are very natural and post-transplantation, there is no prominent scar. In FUT, an extensive hair transplant technique performed via strip harvesting to cover the bald head area. In this, the hair strip is removed from a permanent zone where hairs are resistant to balding and have thick growth and in the group of 1-4 hairs are implanted on the determined bald area of the head. The donor scar remains no longer visible after a few days of recovery and has 100% results with natural looking, shiny and blooming hair with rich density that grows stronger permanently.

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