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The gear oil is a fluid lubricant used for reducing friction and wearing of gear tooth surfaces in gearboxes. The fluid is specifically made lubricant used in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery for transmission, transfer cases, differentials. Gear oil mainly has base oil and additives as two critical components. Additives in gear oil are introduced to impart desirable properties while suppressing the undesired ones. Gear Oil is highly viscous and usually consists of organosulfur compounds. It removes the heat generated by the operating gear and also protects the gear parts against corrosion.

The gear oil market is anticipated to grow in the forecast period owing to improvements in the quality of gear oil coupled with rising demands from the wind energy sector. Massive industrial growth in the developing nations and the growing automotive industry, in particular, has boosted the growth of the gear oil market. However, stringent environmental regulations and increased drain intervals in automotive and industrial sector restrict the growth of the gear oil market. On the other hand, semi-synthetic and zinc free gear oils are likely to showcase growth opportunities for the gear oil market during the forecast period.

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