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Did you know that there are more than 1,200 healthcare app ideas in the world right now? Not only are there hundreds of healthcare apps out there, but there are also plenty of related health-related apps that are worth exploring as well. But how do you choose? And what’s the best way to develop your own healthcare app ideas? There are tons of different opportunities available, so it can be hard to know where to start or what to do if you want to get involved in this exciting new industry.

1) An app that allows patients to communicate directly with doctors

If you’re not comfortable asking your doctor questions over email, what about through an app? There are some healthcare startups out there that are already doing it. Check out Your.MD to see how they do it.

2) An app designed specifically for mental health

One in five Americans has experienced a mental health issue in their lifetime, with anxiety disorders being among some of most common. If you’re looking to support your community in one way or another, consider an app that will bring peace of mind to those suffering from anxiety. Because mental health concerns are highly individualized and often difficult to diagnose, having an app that can collect valuable data is incredibly valuable.

3) An app designed for children

An app designed for children is a great way to get them interested in fitness and health at an early age. For example, FitKidz is a fun app for kids with super heroes as their role models. It encourages exercise and healthy eating habits as well as academic success.

4) An app which allows medical students to practice via simulation

Simulation has become a vital component in medical training and education, and it is important for healthcare students to know how to apply concepts, techniques, and theories in a variety of clinical settings. Having an app which would allow them to practice these different scenarios would be very beneficial for their education.

5) An app which helps hospital staff find other staff members

These days, most hospitals are large enough that they require multiple staff members to accomplish any given task. It can be difficult to find other staff members when you need them; an app which keeps track of where everyone is at all times could greatly improve efficiency. Perhaps there’s a way for nurses and doctors to alert one another by calling out location!—that kind of old-school technology might help them feel more comfortable with 21st century tech!

6) An app which automatically takes vitals from patient records

If you work in a hospital, a nursing home, or a doctor’s office and would love to be able to focus more on your patients rather than on paperwork, an automated patient records app may be your answer. For healthcare professionals who see dozens of patients a day, automating tedious tasks could save tons of time and money. An automatic record-keeping app could ensure that charts are up-to-date while freeing up health care professionals to spend more time with their patients.

7) An app which provides users with home medical devices they can control from their phone.

If there’s a device you use at home to help with mobility, pain relief, blood pressure, or any other health issues that could be improved by having more control over it, then a connected app is a great place to start. In particular, products that connect via Bluetooth—like glucose-monitoring equipment and devices used for physical therapy—are ripe for appification.

8) An app which can make a doctor's appointment more convenient by booking everything at once.

You can create an app that makes your doctor’s appointment hassle-free. With such an app, you can make multiple appointments at once. Your healthcare provider can also make sure you get treated for various conditions such as diabetes and hypertension without wasting too much time in scheduling appointments. This is a convenient way to schedule and manage your doctor’s visits. 


When it comes to cutsom custom software development, healthcare is arguably one of those industries that’s been slow to adopt new technologies. In particular, eHealth has been a tough nut to crack—and even though there have been some encouraging signs lately, as a whole, healthcare hasn’t made much progress. Enter healthcare apps. These applications have seen a fair bit of success in other industries and have recently started making their way into health care as well.

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