“Undetermined” Podcast Premieres: Cause Of Death In Crisis

When a Coroner's Report tells none of the story of a death.


Frank Racioppi

a year ago | 2 min read

There’s a new true-crime podcast just released from Resonate Recordings and Tenderfoot TV. Unlike so many true-crime podcasts these days when the podcasters are trying to exonerate the convicted person, Undetermined hinges on the coroner’s report.

In a coroner’s report, the word “undetermined” is used to describe the cause or manner of death when there’s insufficient evidence to lend a more specific classification.

In 2019, Jessica Easterly Durning went missing from her New Orleans home; her body was found days later, just two and a half blocks away. Her death was classified as undetermined, but due to evidence of foul play, her friends and family believe someone played a role in her suspicious disappearance. Investigative journalist Jessica Noll and former Detective Todd McComas dig deep into this unsolved case and search for answers to Jessica’s untimely death.

McComas was formerly the host of Heartland Radio for Barstool Sports and a cast member of The Pat McAfee Show. He is also the host of the popular true-crime podcasts 10–41 with Todd McComas.

The details of the first episode include: “On August 14, 2019, the 42-year-old Mississippi native went missing from her New Orleans home, which she shared with her husband, stepdaughter and father in-law. Just over a week into her disappearance, her family discovered her body on August 22, alongside a small unoccupied plot of land just a few blocks away from where she lived. Left with unanswered questions and suspicion, they learned that the day before her disappearance, Jessica made a distressed phone call to her best friend, that she wanted to leave her and her husband’s home. A wellness check to her home marked the beginning of the investigation into a case that left the New Orleans Police Department without any real leads into how and why she died. The more that family and friends searched for the truth, the more they learned of Jessica’s hidden lifestyle.”

Just weeks after the Coroner’s ruling of “undetermined,” an autopsy report revealed injuries to her nose, ribs, jaw, and C4 vertebrae. Undetermined is produced by Tenderfoot TV and Resonate Recordings.

The series is hosted by Jessica Noll, a producer at Resonate Recordings, and a National Edward R. Murrow Award recipient for innovation, Associated Press award-winner, and three-time Emmy Award-winning storyteller specializing in investigative journalism. Her career projects span across Dateline’s “Missing in America,” the true-crime podcast Bardstown, and another Tenderfoot TV podcast made in partnership with Resonate Recordings, Culpable, among others.

Listen to the first two episodes here.


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