"Unless You're You ORELSE The World Will Crave Your Identity"

A stage where things gets more complicated but learned to be trueself to face end with no fear.


Etesola Imchen

3 years ago | 4 min read

-Etesola Imchen

“Beauty defines desire with ones true identity...…dare to be used as puppet by the world “
Beauty defines desire with ones true identity...…dare to be used as puppet by the world


A circle is complicated to draw blindly,

but concentrate its easy ….same as LIFE too

Concentrate and move its simple but move blindly, you’re lose.

Happiness, laughter joy will cease at one point. No humans have brighter days all the time. Every individual faces dark hours ,their fears. Among those billions only few survives ,some of them lives but fades their true self . Don't let your circumstance change the real you, the personality you carry and the desire you have within . Instead Let those circumstances face you . Stand firm and dare to let go off your desires and dreams . The world is always behind you craving for your weakness.

In route to our journey, life is always like a battle . Situation may upheld to break you down but dare lose your true identity . Let your DESIRE And DREAM reach you. Don't let other interpretations lose your identity. To become someone in life a great desire within is the first step because desire always begins from ones own self .

There will be opportunities for all , but only those blooms and shines who have true desire and dreams . Don't let the world decide who you are and what you have to do . You are capable ,you have the potential and that's the reason why you are still breathing..


The world is full of secrets , conquer it and unlock the secret by being THE REAL YOU . The world had got many scientists , many billionaires , many leaders , many writers and artists but has only a handful of people with the true self , with no fakeness and have the deep love , concern for another human . The world and future longs for that.....Just an ordinary and teenage I am but that's what I understands about being true you or else the world is always behind you to break you down

we are born once , and will die once ,till you survive in this earthly place , turn your scars into lasting marks that upholds you're history to be known by the future by being who you are .”No duplicate, No fakeness Nor letting the world decide who will you become


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