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How to Update Prices on Walmart in Bulk

The secret of success is simple: The company deliberately adheres to the policy of earning low prices. This allowed very quickly to settle in any city and competitors forced to reduce prices. Despite the sharp decline in the cost of goods, revenue is always coming.


kazi Fahim

4 months ago | 4 min read


Walmart Seller Center: Step by Step Guide


When most of us think of the phrase “location, location, location,” our mind immediately imagines a house hunting adventure. But tangible buildings aren't the only type of real estate where location matters; in virtual real estate, location is equally important.

When Walmart launched its marketplace over a decade ago, they gave third-party sellers the rare opportunity to own their lot of "real estate" in one of the most compelling places on the internet - itself. The number of third-party sellers - and the impressive array of inventory they bring with them - has grown exponentially over time, as the desirability of living in Walmart's virtual neighborhood remains as compelling as ever. In fact, the number of sellers on the marketplace just passed the 100,000 mark in July 2021.


Table of contents


Items and inventory


Add one element


Bulk adding products


Feed status


Bulk updates


Order management




Return and Refund








Vendor Scorecard


Growth Opportunities


Listing Quality Dashboard




A brief introduction to the Walmart marketplace


Set up email notifications in the sales center

With this influx of new sellers , there are updates to the walmart account management Marketplace seller center dashboard . To help you navigate the user-friendly interface of this revamped dashboard, we've put together a helpful guide exploring each of its main areas:

  • Items and inventory
  • Order management
  • Analytics

Let's go through each of these sections to better understand how to get the most out of each one and get your listings active and generating buyer interest in no time!

Items and inventory

The Items & Inventory section of the Seller Center is where sellers can add new items to their Marketplace catalog, make bulk inventory or price updates, check the status of their feed, and more. You'll find this frequently visited category at the top of the left navigation bar, as soon as you enter the Sales Center.

manage items

The Manage Items page gives merchants a complete and quick overview of important information about the items in their catalog.

In the Insights section at the top of the page, there are five fields with numeric values ​​within each. These values ​​reflect how many of the products in your catalog fall into the following categories…

  • drafts
  • Published Products
  • Unpublished items
  • Item Processing
  • Elements with errors

For each category field that has at least one item listed, you'll find a clickable link below it for more information. If errors are displayed, clicking the View Items with Errors link will give you more details on what the errors are, as well as how to fix them.

Between Insights and the item information table at the bottom of the page are three rectangular refresh buttons that are activated when you select an item in the table below them. These update buttons allow you to quickly and easily change…

  • Update Price
  • Update Inventory
  • Delete item

The item information table below the buttons provides a complete listing of all items in your catalog, including information about…

  • Status
  • Life cycle
  • Price
  • If he wins in the Buy Box
  • Category
  • Number of units
  • Item ID
  • …and more!


  • If an item's status unexpectedly shows as posted, hover over the round Info button for more information
  • Want to customize the list ? Click the handy Filter or Options buttons right above the table on the right.
  • You can easily download or export information using the Download button . Download and export options include:
    • Page export
    • Download shopping box report
    • Download your catalog
    • Loading return rules cancels

Setting up and maintaining items

Ready to add more products to your Marketplace catalog? You are in the right place! In this section, sellers can add seller- or walmart listing-made items to their inventory. We will consider adding items made by the seller in one of three ways :

  • Add one item - adding only one or several items? This option is a popular choice that allows you to add items one at a time right from the control panel.
  • Bulk Add Items - The Bulk Upload Seller Center option allows merchants to add multiple items using an Excel template, or using the Marketplace customization methods by match or full item specification.
  • Add Products Via API - This upload option allows merchants to add products via code directly via the API. Note that if you manually make changes in the Seller Hub, the automatic channel will undo those changes.

You'll also see the Maintain Items option , which allows sellers to make bulk changes and maintain items in their catalog.

Let's walk through the necessary steps for adding individual items and bulk adding ...

Add one element

When you click a button to add a single item to your catalog, an empty item creation template will be filled in . Here you will enter the following information:

  • Item ID
  • Item name
  • Item category (select from the drop-down list)


Then fill in all the required attributes and as many recommended attributes as you like. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to locate your objects.

Attribute options include (mandatory ones marked with an asterisk):

  • Vendor code *
  • Trademark *
  • Description of the site*
  • Execution delay time
  • Unit price
  • Does your product contain an electronic component
  • Does your item contain a battery (and what type)
  • Does your item contain chemicals, aerosol, or pesticides
  • If your product is a multipack

Make sure you add the required information in all three sections of the Create an Item page - Item Content , Images and Media, and Suggestion .


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