The US’ War on the World and Americans

US economic policy destroyed democracy, leftists groups, and equality domestically and globally.


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The US government’s global and domestic dirty wars, lies, assassinations, and political coups for economic dominance.

There isn’t a shortage of information covering the extensive list of hostile interventions orchestrated by the US government — we just don’t learn them in history class. From the 19th to 21st century, left-wing politicians were overthrown by right-wing militias and soft coups. In pursuit of global economic power, the US intervenes in foreign and domestic democratic elections, governments, and leftist movements.

US neocolonialism swiftly replaced European colonialism, and many nations have never experienced true sovereignty. The 21st-century pro-business, neoliberalist governments controlling the world is not a coincidence. Since the 19th century, uncooperative leftist governments and movements are reformed through coups, propaganda, embargos, and social unrest. The global right-wing nationalist movement is American made.

Governments nationalizing natural resources to provide financial security for civilians is an act of war and centuries of disempowering the politicians refusing to adhere to the foreign government’s demands dissolved left-wing parties. The world’s authoritarian regime prohibits public ownership of goods and politicians advocating for wealth equality. Destabilizing democracies, executing violent and soft military coups, and impoverishing nations is the punishment for disobedience.

Latin American nations have rejected US hegemony for over a century, but American-trained right-wing militias overthrow democratic elections and destabilize the region. During the Cold War, the threat of communism defended the invasions, and the anti-communist narrative remains a stronghold in American culture, but it wasn’t communism motivating the interventions. The US monopolized the global economy to police the world’s wealth and secure corporate profits to build its empire.

American independence from British colonialism inspired the white settlers to revamp imperialism. From the 19th to the 20th century, 41 (confirmed but many more suspected) US-led coups directly intervened in Latin American politics and the insurgencies continue in the 21st century, but it wasn’t just the Americas. The US directly or with invested partners assisted with the foreign occupation of numerous African, Asian, and Middle Eastern nations.

Listing every coup is an endlessly complicated task, but as countries gained independence from European colonialism the US invaded the newly established democracies with ease.

  • 1903 Colombia-Panama rebellion for US control of Panama Canal
  • 1948 Venezuela President Gallegos taxes US oil companies
  • 1953 Iran limits foreign control of oil reserves
  • 1954 Guatemala proposes taxing United Fruit Company
  • 1960 Cuba seizes US business activities within the country
  • 1960 Republic of the Congo independence and anti-imperialism
  • 1964 Brazil nationalizes oil
  • 1965–66 Indonesian independence and anti-imperialism
  • 1966 Ghana condemns multinational corporations and privatization
  • 1970s Chile and Argentina elect politicians objecting to US policies
  • 1976 Australia Prime Minister Whitlam rejects foreign-owned resources
  • 2002 Venezuela President Chavez nationalizes oil
  • 2007 Ecuador reforms foreign telecommunications holdings
  • 2009 Honduras shifts away from US economic dependence
  • 2016 Brazil President Rousseff reforms economic markets (suspected)
  • 2019 Venezuela attempt to takeover oil reserves
  • 2019 Bolivia President Morales privatizes Lithium mines
  • 2020 Cuba and Iran anti-American policies incur decades of embargoes/sanctions

US allies within the Australian government ousted the prime minister for resisting the alliance, but if conspirators could not disempower a politician or persuade the public, right-wing militias were established. The military occupations executed, imprisoned, and/or exiled democratically elected politicians and replaced them with US-backed brutal dictators. The mass murders, torture, and indoctrination of the peaceful, democracies continue to impair the nations.

The US Government’s Domestic War Against Americans

COINTELPRO, short for “Counter Intelligence Program,” was the name given to a series of programs initiated by the Bureau between 1956 and 1971 aimed at undermining and eradicating groups, movements, and individuals — almost all of which were part of the Left — it viewed as threats to national security and social order. — The FBI’s Secret War by Branko Marcetic

Initially, COINTELPRO was created to counter the communist activities of Americans, but the program was expanded to dissolve political protests. The nationwide, unification of public demonstrations jeopardized the US’ imperialist agenda. From the 1960s to the 1970s, the government perceived mass protests as a threat to national security and treated the citizens affiliated with the movement as enemies of the state.

Ironically, there’s a sliver of truth in the right-wing conspiracy theories. The Deep State is a threat to the national security of Americans, but if it weren’t for the Deep State the Right wouldn’t exist. Domestic attacks via infiltrating, assassinating, discrediting, harassing, intimidating, imprisoning, humiliating, and whatever means necessary targeted left-wing movements and they’ve never regained power.

Americans supporting peaceful displays of progressive action endured an excessively violent police force and harsh sentencing from the department of justice. Subversive acts undermining the freedom of citizens intentionally sought to dispose of civil rights, equality, labor rights, social change, and democracy. The secret war on the Left, people of color, feminists, human rights, environmentalists, anti-war, LGBTIQA+, and First Nation activists devastated lives as well as the nation.

COINTELPRO was suspended when activists confiscated the documents from FBI headquarters and exposed them to the public, but the program’s tactics are still active. Documents disclosing the FBI’s monitoring of Black Lives Matter activists and the 2020 Law Enforcement Association reports BLM protesters are Black extremists conspiring a violent revolution reveal the long history of suppressing civil power perseveres.

A secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order. — US law enforcement and intelligence agencies


Prohibiting community solidarity and dividing the public dissolves people's power while empowering the government. When society unites, the unification awards the leverage to demand a livable wage, equality, healthcare, environmental justice, and security because strength in numbers shifts the balance of power. Decades of eradicating community cohesion created individualism and a disunited, polarized society is a weak army of one.

Publicly owned natural resources, healthcare, financial security, and a healthy environment are human rights. Privately owned goods and services have confiscated our freedom and we are subjects to their regime. The planning of the global economy is a purposefully designed dictatorship and we are all under an authoritarian ruling class because our government is a corporate terrorist.

  • Citations from the CIA declassified documents can be found on the CIA government website.
  • Citations for the COINTELPRO FBI domestic program can be found on the FBI Vault.


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