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The Importance of Marketing Analytics


Shubhrika Dogra

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Customer needs drive the world. Its not unknown that customer is king. Unless something makes the consumer happy — the product, the marketing campaign and the sales strategies are all pointless.

That is where digital analytics comes in the picture. Opinions and arguments don’t matter unless there is data available to back the opinion. Understanding the demographics of the users, their behavior, their likes and dislikes can all be done with the help of digital analytics.

Data is the master of all arguments. Data speaks volumes. We’ve explored the following in this article:

  1. What is Digital Marketing Analytics?
  2. The importance of Digital Analytics.
  3. What is Predictive Analytics?
  4. Understanding both sides of Digital Analytics — Data & Marketing.
  5. How to make a successful digital campaign?

What is Digital Marketing Analytics?

  • Traditional marketing takes time to reap results
  • Data cannot be analyzed with Traditional Marketing
  • Reaching the right audience is an arrow in the dark
  • High Cost Per Acquisition

Data is available everywhere. User behavior also speaks this language of data. Understanding the user behavior is utterly significant for the digital world today.

Studies share the differences between digital and traditional marketing wherein the digital methods have ensured to outperform the major problems with traditional marketing and analyzing user behavior for future tracking of the performance.

Let’s take a look at what were the problems that traditional marketing could not solve:

Traditional marketing takes time to reap results

Traditional marketing used methods such as TV Ads, Print ads in newspapers and magazines, flyers and more. All these platforms and tools take time to reap results since they are mass marketing tools.

Data cannot be analyzed with Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing tools and concepts are obsolete for a reason. Analyzing the data of user behavior is crucial for better performance in the future. The tools which were used ten years ago could not solve that problem however social media channels and platforms like Google can.

With software like Google Analytics, it is extremely easy to analyze the data and improve the future performance of marketing campaigns.

Reaching the right audience is an arrow in the dark

Mass marketing was the basic understanding for traditional marketing. Mass marketing by itself meant reaching the masses. That means you scream at the top of your voice however the entire valley just hears your echo . The few people who are able to understand what you said might not even be interested to hear that.

Rather than reaching a million people who don’t care, digital marketing gives you an option to reach the people who actually have an interest in what you’re doing.

High Cost Per Acquisition

Traditional Marketing has a high cost per acquisition, reason being that platforms like TV Ads and Print Magazines take a long time to generate revenue. A huge reach of the audience is needed for traditional methods to make an impact. That creates a high cost per acquisition as compared to the digital tools.

The Importance of Digital Analytics

  • Helps to understand the wants of the user
  • Contributes to improve the future campaigns
  • Helps to create a Prediction Analysis

Helps to Understand the Wants of the User

The user is the main focus of attention for any organization. Analytics give us the opportunity to gather the data about the user with the user’s permission and understand the demographics of the users.

These data contribute towards the marketing campaigns created specifically for the potential buyers. Such data includes everything from the tiniest details such as the age of the user, their location to the focal points such as their likes and dislikes.

Digital analytics tools such as social media and google can be used to gather and utilize such data for the benefit of the consumer.

Contributes to Improve Future Campaigns

Digital Analytics ranges between everything from data compilation to analyzing user behavior and strategizing for the future campaigns. The problem with traditional marketing was that no data could be accumulated to understand the results of A/B Testing.

Digital analytics gives us the opportunity to implement the concept of A/B Testing to email campaigns, social media campaigns, off page and on page SEO campaigns, etc.

This ensures that the future campaigns for marketing can be implemented in a better way than the past. Learning from mistakes is easier with digital analytics.

Helps to Create a Prediction Analysis

A Prediction Analysis is as easy to understand as its name. It simply is a study based forecast which tells us about the actions that have worked well in the past and can be expected to work well in the future as well.

Past studies of the digital analytics data can contribute to predicting future user behavior as well. The prediction analysis does not mean to decide which campaigns to run for the future. Instead, it means to understand the future impact of our actions taken today and how the users might react to them tomorrow.

Using Both Sides of Digital Analytics — Data & Marketing

Both digital marketing and data play a crucial role in understanding the implications of our marketing campaigns on the world. An organization’s success is not limited to what the user buys or doesn’t buy anymore.

It depends on many demographic as well as behavior results such as the likes and dislikes of the user, the time when he/she likes to read email, the kind of movements or motions they support and their belief system — all play a crucial role in building the relationship between the brand and the client.

The graphic above explains the two types of talent needed by the industry to perform well and utilize the concept of digital analytics fully.

The industry where the marketing concept is not under scrutiny, the T-shaped graphic can work well as there is no need to understand the product or the customers to analyze the data however, as soon as the marketing aspect comes into the picture, data science and marketing analytics join hands to bring out the best results.

The media channels involved for digital analytics and understanding the exact needs for the talent needed are:

  • Owned Media — Company website; Email Marketing; Subscription Newsletters; Company Mobile App; Company Run Ad Campaigns; Etc.
  • Paid MediaPaid Search; Re marketing; Affiliate & Display Marketing; Paid Influencers; Etc.
  • Earned Media- Social Media, Company Blog, Off Page SEO Campaigns, Off Page Content, Etc.

How to make a successful digital campaign?

Building a successful digital campaign is an inclusion of all channels that your target audience is influenced by. The digital media campaign is concerned with reaching the right audience as many times as possible. That can be done by appearing on as many number of channels as relevant to the user.

However, it can clearly be expensive to target all platforms like Google, Quant, Social Media, Quora, etc. The simple solution for the same is to integrate as many channels together as possible.

For example, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram can all be tied up together. The ads or the articles posted on LinkedIn can directly be used as the advertisements on LinkedIn, combining the organic and inorganic SEO;

blog pages on the company website can be designed as landing pages and advertised at various channels. These are just a few examples for integrating and minimizing effort.

Repetition is misconceived to be negatively impactful towards a brand’s image in its user’s mind, when in reality, this repetition can make it easier for the user to register with and remember the information.

Digital analytics plays a huge role in here because it tells us the ways to not repeat the mistakes but only the beneficial aspects of the previously run campaigns.

Author Graphic
Author Graphic

Multiple steps get involved while trying to build a successful digital marketing campaign. Here are a few things to consider and take into consideration while building a digital campaign:

Ad Exposure Journey
Conversion Journey
Customer Journey


Digital Marketing and analytics can do wonders. Keep going for it!


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