How to use LinkedIn to get jobs

Yes, LinkedIn can get you a job. But you need to make efforts in various unconventional directions.


Abhijeet Kumar

3 years ago | 2 min read

Yes, LinkedIn can get you a job, even though LinkedIn isn’t a job site. But you need to make efforts in various unconventional directions.

LinkedIn is a social media website for professional networking. You have to build your network with relevant people in your industry and keep in touch with them. You need to gain their trust and make them believe in you.

And you also have to keep your profile updated with current information.

Yeah, you can say I have a sort of OCD when it comes to using LinkedIn. Yes, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I love to keep my LinkedIn profile updated and activities, recent. Why?

It’s simply because LinkedIn helped me get many freelance opportunities. While not all the queries lead to a deal, I did seal some. And I still receive more!


Well, you also will. Just follow these OCDs –

Optimise” your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is proof of your virtual professional existence. It shows who you are. Not only should people form an appropriate opinion about you through it but your profile should also help relevant people to find you… and hire you.

That’s why you need to have a complete profile, without any missing or misleading information. And by that, I mean having a display picture, summary, educational details, work experiences and everything that’s professionally helpful.

“Connect” with people

After making your profile complete, you also need to meet and keep in touch with people who matter. LinkedIn is for networking with the leaders and other eminent personalities in the industry.

And they need not only be the influencers. Those people can be other users in the same stage and space as you.

You can add up to 30K people and follow numerous others. But it’s not about the numbers. You don’t need a huge network. You should have a helpful network instead.

“Dabble” in their content

Once you have started adding people, don’t stop there. If you need growth, if you want others to help you, you have to be in the know, stay in touch and interact with them; without annoying them.

“Share” helpful content –

Also, interacting with others alone won’t help. You have to allow others to know you. Your LinkedIn profile says what you do, and that’s not enough. You have to show what you do. And there are many different ways to do so, through your posts.

All these might look overwhelming at first, but once you are on-board it would be a cakewalk. But first, baby steps! And here are those –

Optimise your profile

  1. An appropriate Profile Picture
  2. Real name and a Catchy Headline
  3. Comprehensive Profile Summary
  4. Relevant Work experience and Education
  5. List your Skills and Accomplishments
  6. Ask for Recommendations

Connect with people

  1. Check the profiles before accepting connection requests
  2. Browse the profiles before sending connection requests
  3. Use Direct Messages wisely

Dabble in their content

  1. Put your thoughts in the Comments
  2. Find like-minded people in the Comments

Share helpful content

  1. Share what you know
  2. Show what you do
  3. Have a little fun too!

And that’s all you need to do to get opportunities through LinkedIn.


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