How to Use Snapchat For Your Clients

If you’re a marketer and you are using Snapchat for clients, a little focus may be required. It is a platform that needs thinking and commitment, but in a different way to other platforms.


Sahail Ashraf

2 years ago | 3 min read

Snapchat may not be the very first name on people’s lips when they are talking about social media marketing, but it is a powerful platform that can produce significant returns if used sensibly. In this post we will look at how you can maximise your opportunities on the platform.

Get the consistency right

The funny thing about Snapchat is that it has content that simply disappears. That’s why so many marketers go overboard and focus on trying to get as much content out there as quickly as possible. This doesn’t work.

For your clients, the best approach is the consistent approach. Concentrate on creating content and sharing it no more than three times a day. And by that we mean three individual pieces of great content, shared no more than once a day.

If you go too far and create a ton of content, sending it out with a scattershot approach and at high volume will simply make your client appear amateurish. Instead, focus on a consistent level of quality posting every day and then stick to that schedule. Your client will develop a strong level of branding through consistency and quality.

Don’t neglect other channels

It would be extremely rare (and misguided) for your client to only have one social media channel at their disposal.

Look at the other platforms your client is on and use those as launchpads for the Snapchat account. Some users simply may not know that your client has an account, and will be used to the usual channels. Publicising them on Facebook, Instagram and whichever other channels your client uses can really help to boost the Snapchat account’s impact.

Make use of Influencers

We have covered Influencers many times before, but they are still very relevant today, and especially to Snapchat. Paying an Influencer (or micro-influencer) to ‘take over’ your Snapchat means that they will immediately give you access to their audience.

Tread carefully. There are ways to ensure that you get the best bang for your client’s buck. One is to ensure that you research the Influencers you are reviewing for the job. Spend time on their accounts and see the interaction and engagement they have. It has to be aligned with your business, appropriate, as well as busy.

Get it right, and you will instantly open up an audience.

Make your client’s filter…your client’s

Branding is always important, and with Snapchat there is no difference. Most people who have used Snapchat know that they can play with filters to give their content a certain look and feel. Do the same with your client’s work.

It’s important to use colours and/or frames etc that resonate with the audience you are trying to connect with. And then do your very best to make the whole thing consistent. When users see your Snaps and they have the same look and feel, this will breed familiarity and loyalty over time.

Get the ads right

Snapchat ads have now earned their place on social media, and the marketing results they produce are pretty special. They will only work for your client if you understand which format to use and when. So it’s important to spend time working through the formats and knowing which will work best for your client and their business goals.

Story ads

These are branded, and allow for multiple Snaps to be seen. For that reason, they are great for showcasing an entire product line, or telling a story related to your business.

Fashion companies love these, for good reason.


Still a great favourite, especially with beauty product brands, Lenses allow you to create AR experiences that really help push your client’s brand to the next level. Worth investigating, especially for the kind of client that has beauty or fashion as it’s model.

Filters ads

Simple filters or artistic overlays that really spice up your content for relatively little financial outlay.

Whichever ad you choose, make sure it fits in well with what your client is trying to do. For a cosmetics brand, for example, Lenses are fantastic. For a software client, maybe not so much.

Take charge of your client’s work on Snapchat and focus on bringing a great experience to the audience. With the right combination of the above ideas, you can deliver a great experience, and keep your client happy.


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