How you can use social media to grow your brand- in conversation with Shama Hyder, Zen Media

Shama Hyder, Founder & CEO of Zen Media, talks about all about social media marketing



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Which social media platforms are best for your brand?

What are some common mistakes committed by brands while implementing their social marketing strategy, and how you can avoid them?

What should be the thought process behind planning the social marketing strategy?

Shama Hyder, Founder & CEO of Zen Media, talks about all about social media marketing in this exclusive interview with CoFoundersTown!

Q. How much has the field of social media marketing evolved in the last 4-5 years?

Social media marketing has changed dramatically—not just because there are more people using more platforms (like the relative newcomer TikTok, for example), but because, due to the volume of content now being shared, organic reach has dropped to negligible levels.

So in order to succeed at social media marketing today, brands must factor in a budget for ads and boosted posts. There’s no more truly free option.

Q. What are some of the major reasons for this upward spike in the last few years?

More people are using social media because we’re seeing Gen Z come into young adulthood. They’ve never known a world without the internet or social media, and so it’s only natural that they use it more, and more frequently than other generations.

Q. How should an organization decide which social media platforms are the best for its brand?

It’s important to be critical when choosing the platforms you’ll engage on, because you want to make sure you are where your audience is.

Is your audience mostly Gen Z females? Instagram and TikTok will be huge for you.

Are you marketing to mainly Gen X and Boomers? Facebook will be a better choice.

Make sure you’re picking the right platforms based on audience, but also that you’re not spreading yourself too thin. It’s better to be extremely engaged on one platform than marginally engaged on six.

Q. What are some of the most common mistakes people make while implementing social media marketing strategy?

One of the most common mistakes people make while implementing a social media marketing strategy is that there are not clear goals established. You should have specific goals, budgets, and a concrete plan of action that outlines what you are trying to accomplish, how you will achieve your goal, and how you will measure results.

Another common mistake is measuring the wrong KPIs; you should be measuring the impact your social media efforts have on your business, not your total number of fans or followers.

Another mistake that people often make while implanting a social media marketing strategy is that they treat all social media platforms the same. It’s very important to know how to address your audience per social media platform, whether that’s adding more hashtags in the copy or making the copy have a clear call to action.

Q. With the concept of personal branding getting more prominent than ever, how much can influencer marketing be expected to grow in the coming 2-3 years?

According to ReportLinker, the global influencer marketing market is expected to grow to $26.4 billion by 2025. Businesses that haven’t branched out into influencer marketing already should begin soon if they don’t want to be left behind.

Q. As its popularity soars, big influencers are becoming expensive for SMEs. What should SMEs do to leverage the benefits of influencer marketing?

SMEs can still take advantage of influencer marketing by working with micro- or nano influencers—influencers who don’t have huge followings, but do have strong engagement levels.

It’s much more effective to partner with an influencer whose 10,000 followers actually trust what they say and engage with them, than to pay for one with 1.2 million who rarely engage.

Q. How can organizations use ephemeral content to boost their brand presence through social media?

Organizations can use ephemeral content to boost their brand presence through social media in a number of ways.

Posting behind the scenes footage of your agency’s latest project on an Instagram or Facebook story can position your organization as a brand that cares about their audience knowing their latest projects.

Organizations can also do “Giveaway” contests on their social media stories which will drive the audience in to participate.

Q. For any individual/team making a social media marketing strategy, what could be the thought process and key steps to keep in mind?

The thought process that goes behind creating a social media marketing strategy is knowing the background history of the brand, their goals, specific products they want to feature, and their overall goals for their social media strategy.

Does this brand want to focus on influencer marketing, giveaways, collaborations?

Q. What key trends are expected to dominate social media marketing in the 2020s?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, these are the key trends that are expected to dominate social media marketing in 2020:

  • Ephemeral content will keep gaining popularity
  • Niche social platforms will perform well, like Pinterest or Shopify.
  • Instagram will remove likes, which will position organizations to focus on the content they are posting rather than how many likes they are receiving.
  • Social commerce will expand; Instagram has e-commerce right now and it is a super-easy way for followers to shop within the app.
  • Video content will dominate


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