How to use twitch? A beginner’s guide

To stream to the twitch app, there will be a different procedure than to upload videos.


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If you are a gamer and still not know what twitch is, you probably miss out. With the increasing trend of online game playing, apps have introduced apps that allow you to stream live or pre-recorded video of gamers doing what they do best; playing games.

If you have some free time or want to relax a bit, watching games online might help you unwind yourself. If you are eager to try this new thing out, the twitch app ps3 might be an excellent start.

What is twitch?

But first, you will have to know what exactly is twitch.

Twitch is a streaming service owned and controlled by Amazon. You can watch a wide range of games, be it stimulation games, racing games or sandbox games.

This app provides a free streaming service at any given time. Do you want to relax a bit after a tiresome day? Or maybe kill some time while you wait for your flight? Watching live or old gaming videos might be a good option.

Though the free version might have a little too many adds, you can enjoy uninterrupted services by buying a subscription plan.

How to operate twitch as a streamer?

How to STREAM on TWITCH! *5 MIN* (2021 Tutorial) (PC)

Now, there are two different parties involved; the broadcasters and the streamers. To stream to the twitch app, there will be a different procedure than to upload videos.

As a streamer, you will first have to create your account. For that, you will first have to go through the community guidelines. These guidelines can be found in the twitch app ps3's legal section.

Once you are done with it, fill out the form and press sign up. The Twitch app works differently on multiple devices, but you will have to download twitch on your mobile phones.

However, you will need software to stream on the Twitch app via a desktop. There is multiple software through which you can connect to twitch.

These include OBS studio, Xsplit, and VMix.

How to operate twitch as a broadcaster?

Here comes the real deal.

If you are a broadcaster, listed below are some equipment that you may need to take off.


Most importantly, you will need a camera to let the viewers see your expressions while you play. Though viewers will primarily want to focus on the game, knowing who exactly is playing might add up to their interest.


Doesn't a football match or a cricket match get more exciting when the commentators actively participate with appropriate use of humour? Yes, it does. Therefore, the second thing you shall add to your checklist is a microphone.

So, the next time you play the game. The viewers can listen to your commentary alongside the game you play.

Streaming equipment

While mentioned above are some of the basic things you will need to start, you may collect several petty but essential things to add value to your video.

Firstly, you can buy some flattering lights that are sufficient for the audience to see your face. Also, a LED light might add a spark to your video, so why not try it out.

Secondly, we recommend you to buy a green screen to avoid too much exposure. In this way, you can keep your actual background private and edit the green screen the way you like it.

Lastly, you can also buy a stream deck that is a handy tool for quick implementation of your command. Whether you want to adjust the volume or move a thing from one end to another, you can do it with a few touches with a stream deck by your side.

How to live stream via desktop?

Once you have your equipment ready, it is about time you should start broadcasting your videos. For that, you will need to connect the twitch app with a twitch, create an account and go.

You can head over to file; from there, go to the "stream in OBS studio" option. After this, choose twitch as your service.

Our verdict

Twitch is a user-friendly app that is easy to operate. By following the guidelines above, you set up your account within minutes.


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