Using Social Media to get Jobs / Freelance works

Why find work when work can find you ?


Sushan Shakya

a year ago | 1 min read

How many times have you had to go looking for a job ?
How many times did you fail in interviews ?
Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to look for them and they'd just pop up in front of you ?

That's where Social Media kicks in.

You see unlike in the past, you don't need to appear in a TV channel to become famous and recognized by people. With the introduction to “The Internet” you don't need any of that.

Let's say you're a software developer and want jobs or freelance works.
Now think. Why would people want to hire you ?
You say you're a
software developer but what proof do you have ?
Did you do some exceptionally good work ?
Do you love to develop software ?

How do you convey that message to the world ?

The idea is content creation.
If you're a Software Developer you should post regarding some works that you've done.
If you keep posting them daily then people will start recognizing it. They'll start thinking that “Oh yes, this guy is really something and really loves to do his work”.
That way you'll start having people that'll approach to work with you.

This might seem like too much work but compared to what ?

People are ready to fail 100s of interviews waiting a lot of time but they feel that creating a portfolio to leverage their skills as “too much work”.

Take control. Start Now.


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