How Do Vape Companies Target The Youth?

A brief overview of some of the strategies used by vape companies to target the youth.


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According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, in 2021, about 27.6 % of high school goers, and 8.3 % of middle school goers, have reported using vapes daily.

Owing to the significant growth that the vaping industry is witnessing, it is evident that they are promoting themselves more widely through vape ads. And since a major percentage of the vaping population consists of youths, vaping companies have come up with strategies to target these young people to increase their sales volume.

In this excerpt, we will be discussing such strategies that vaping companies use to target the youth.

Strategies vape companies use to target youth

Vape companies have been exploring newer ways to promote their products. Since vaping involves the presence of nicotine, at the end of the day it is marked as an addictive substance. And search engines and other platforms, therefore, would not support the idea of directly promoting vapes.

But, despite that, vape companies have never stepped back from the idea of promoting vapes. So here are some of the strategies that these companies use, to target the young population-


It might be surprising to read, but it is true! Vaping companies indeed use such a strategy to target the youth towards vaping.

What they do is, offer scholarships to students and tell them to write about the various advantages associated with vaping. Doing this made the brands’ names getting enlisted on the university websites, resulting in a promotion.

Emotional approach

Vape companies use this particular strategy in their vape ads to appeal to the youth and make them feel connected even more. And that is when they bring in emotional approaches to promote their products.

The young generation is driven by emotion and excitement. That is the USP that vape manufacturers use to promote their products among the youth.

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Social media marketing

It is a known fact that a majority of social media users of today are the youth population across the entire world. Vape manufacturers, having known this, have shifted their advertisement platforms to social media as well.

Introducing social media marketing to promote vape products have also been one of the greatest strategies to promote vaping. It has resulted in making vapes more popular than before.

Introduction of flavor variety

The introduction of flavor varieties is yet another effective strategy that vape manufacturers have used to appeal to the youth.

As new flavors began to get introduced, more and more people, especially the younger generation, became inclined towards the habit of vaping. And this happened not because of the trend, but because the younger generation is always pursuing to try out something new and interesting.

Therefore, these are some of the many strategies that vape manufacturers use to appeal to the youth through vape ads.

Summary: A brief overview of some of the strategies used by vape companies to target the youth.

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