VF021 Vinyl Frost for Fixed Glass

Privacy Frost Vinyl Reston, VA


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The gray color of the previous image represents figures die-cut in material. White lines and spaces represent empty and transparent parts. You will receive a final digital sample for review once the purchase is complete.

If you would like us to make this design for you in a different size or material, you must specify the following:a. 

Base and Height of the glass in centimeters . Do not include in the measurement the windows or frames, only the visible glass. See guide here on how to take measurements and dimensions.If the size you require is different from that of this product, the price could also change at the discretion of the EV STORE.

b. Vinyl colour. If you choose a color other than Privacy Frost Vinyl Reston, VA Frost, it would be solid and not translucent.See color guide here.

c. Photograph of the glass where the vinyl will be placed. (It is not mandatory but it is very important to advise you better)

d. If you would like any variation in design , please note it. 

We will assess if it is feasible. All elaborated preview is delivered after the advance payment of the product. If the design is far away and complicates the preparation or exceeds the scope of the product, the final price should be reconsidered.Write down all these previous details in your Whatsapp query message and any other question you may have to successfully process your purchase.

PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:- This product is to be installed in internal spaces, it must not receive direct sunlight or water, so if the window faces the outside, the material must be placed inside.-

The design that is observed will be the one exposed on the side where the vinyl is applied.- Detailed views, pre-assemblies and custom designs are provided after advance payment. For personalized works, the final prices and advance percentage may vary.This product will be made and sent to you after agreeing on the above details and making the payment in advance.


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